The Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB) postgraduate program is an 11-month immersive academic program focused on learning how to design and build a new generation of buildings and cities to respond to the planet’s emerging climate challenges. The program is carried out in Valldaura Labs, in Barcelona, a 135 He property located in the Collserola forest. Here, students will live and work surrounded by nature while using the most advanced technologies and design techniques in the pursuit of what is also IAAC’s long term initiative, to create self-sufficient and ecological environments.


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Introduction Carbon Dioxide is the main contributor to global warming and climate crisis. CO2 traps the heat that is re-radiated from the Earth, thus, increasing the Earth’s surface temperature. The main causes of CO2 emissions are:1. 40% emissions made by burning fossil fuels for energy production. 2. 42% emissions made by the built environment. 3. … Read more


BUSINESS INNOVATION WORKSHOP 2023 Introduction: Nepal, nestled in the heart of South Asia, boasts a rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural landscapes. However, the surge in urbanization, a global phenomenon, is transforming Nepalese cities into concrete landscapes, eroding their unique identity. Recognizing the environmental impact of such urban development, the global construction sector is increasingly … Read more

Lumber Legacy

A frame where our buildings tell us a story of care, not just for the structures themselves, but for the world around us. Welcome to Lumber Legacy, where construction is more than a business – A heartfelt endeavour to create a legacy that resonates with sustainability and compassion. In the heart of Lumber Legacy, we’re … Read more