Energy Consumption and Power Values
Solar Radiation (Source: Photovoltaic Geographical Information System) | Sun Collection area of Weather Envelope
Data on predicted Energy Production (Source: Photovoltaic Geographical Information System) and Dimensioning of Photovoltaic System

Due to the low angle of the sun and the few hours of daylight in Reykjavik during Winter, the cost savings through producing our own electricity with a PV system did not cover the initial investment in the technology. We therefore propose to instead harness the energy of the wind with our Weather Envelope. Each Facade would be equipped with a layer of small vertical Wind Turbines (Darrieus type) and harvest energy depending on the changing wind direction.

Mean Wind Power Density – at 10m height (Source: Global Wind Atlas Map) | Wind Collection area of Weather Envelope
1:20 Resilient Envelope model with prototype of Wind Turbines