Project name: Dynamic facade- (Kiefer technic showroom)
Architect: Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner ZT GmbH
Project team: DI Peter Fürnschuss


Project description:
Office building and showroom for representative functions and product presentation for a metal company

Structural work: brick walls; reinforced concrete floors; steel columns filled with concrete along the facade.

Facades: aluminium-glass facade with vorgelagerten Putzstegen respectively facade of upgraded insulation, plastered in white
Sunscreens: folding elements made of perforated aluminium, electrically driven

Workflow diagram

The system works in such a way when the sunlight detects the LDR sensor, the value goes high which makes the panel close. If the sensor value is low, the panel opens up. This helps in improving the thermal radiation inside the room and keeps the temperature pleasant.



Circuit daigram

Module diagram
Exploded view
Render image of prototype module
Physical model
Render image
Render image
interior view