The evolution of architecture over the last decades brought challenges on joint cooperation between architecture professionals. Digitalization of processes and introduction to interdisciplinary teams made this process specially challenging. This work sample is a demo of a collaborative workflow between 2 people inside one project, while this same project is a part of a bigger integrated network.

The objective of this sample is depicting the cooperation workflows between agents along the process of creation and detailing, while developing the project into BIMSC – – studio. The project brief consists in a martian colony generated for 50 people and able to expand until 300 people, and it’s preestablished functions. The introduction stage consists in a joint research phase and outline of a master plan, that stage involves 7 groups directly.

Environmental characteristics
Master plan and zones
Constraints: maximum overhang for 3d printing, axial connections and design choices
Environmental and structural analysis leading to decision-making

In order to keep the same earth gravity in the Mobius track, and create different gravity for other two different function tracks, we create different track with various radius and angle.


Site view
Section AA”
Elevation 01
Illustration 01
Inside view – mobius
Illustration 02
Illustration 03