Antoine Jaunard

Antoine Jaunard is a graphic/software/hardware designer and developer from Brussels (BE) based in Barcelona (ES). He is passionate about low technology, home-made tools, electronic music, art, and how to bring it all together. He studied art and graphic design at the École de Recherche Graphique (ERG) in Brussels, where he learned how to learn, how to hack systems, and how to find the right tone to communicate with others. He then ran a web design studio called Variable, where he focused on creating his own custom tools to remain task-specific, lightweight and versatile in response to client needs.

Since 2022 Antoine is a co-founder of an on/offline space Domingo Club, designing a plant-based and transparent future food system, focused on an open-source fermenter – a device that promotes plant-based proteins and open-source tools so that anyone can make them at home.