Federico Colom

Federico Colom is an architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Udelar, Uruguay, and holds a Maestría en Ciudades (Master in Cities) by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain. His thesis “The urban event as collective infrastructure” was awarded “Outstanding Project” in the category City and Citizens of MOeC, IAAC. He is a project professor at Taller Martín at FADU-Udelar. He currently works as a coordinator in the cultural platform “Usina de Innovación Colectiva” at FADU-Udelar, developing projects focused on the interaction between university, culture and public space in the city of Montevideo. He produced the First Festival of Architecture, Design and City of Uruguay in 2019 and was curator of the Uruguayan submission to the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018.