Gabriella Rossi

Gabriella Rossi is a PhD Fellow at CITA, Royal Danish Academy. Her research focuses on Machine Learning as an emerging modelling paradigm, and how it can change architectural practice. Specific accent is placed on architectural datasets, harvested or simulated, and potential applications for complex material behaviour and design performance. She has experience with developing novel fabrication methods using Industrial Robotics and digital tools, 3d scanning to establish cyber-physical systems linking digital information flows to physical processes. She teaches the master programme Computation In Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy, and at the MaCAD program at IaaC. She has guest-taught at the University of Technology of Sydney, and Southeast University in Nanjing. Gabriella holds a bachelor of sciences cum Laude from Politecnico di Milano and a master of arts from KADK. In practice, she has occupied the Computational Design Specialist role at Odico and is a member of the Danish Association of Architects.