Marielena Papandreou

Marielena Papandreou is a designer with technical, manufacturing and academic background, currently teaching at MAA and MRAC at IAAC. She holds a MArch (Hons) in Design for Manufacture from the Bartlett School of Architecture which led her to a Lectureship position in Numerical Manufacturing in UCL. Her specialisation lies in parametric production pipelines and robotic fabrication and she has been responsible for the delivery of various projects with a focus on computational design, automated workflows and electronics. Moreover, she has been a design tutor in the MArch Design for Manufacture with focus on sustainable, value engineered solutions for the construction industry. She studied Architecture & Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens and in the Escola Tècnica superior d’arquitectura de Barcelona, UPC. Finally, she has worked in two international practices in Amsterdam (SeARCH and Equipe) where she gained valuable knowledge on how leading Dutch architectural firms work with regard to BIM frameworks.