Space within spaces

Design brief and objective

The objective of this exercise is to investigate and build a user-friendly interface that enables real-time manipulation of forces as design parameters, with the goal of using physics simulations as a form-finding tool to replicate real-life behaviors. The investigation will also focus on the development of the construction system and automated fabrication protocols through computational design for the installation.


  • The selected site for the design is the IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) rooftop area, located in Barcelona, Spain. 
  • The total area of the rooftop is 138.54 square meters.
terrace view

State of the Art / Reference


The proposal is to build a pavilion on the IAAC rooftop. This pavilion will turn the rooftop into a public space which can be used for various activities throughout the year. The space will be able to transform according to the need of the users. The space can be used for – social activities, holding various academic and non-academic events, recreation and as a space for working for the students of IAAC. Placing the pavilion on the rooftop will give a purpose for the rooftop to be used in various ways.  

Form finding

Images of process model
Final output

Pseudo code

Mesh analysis

Design pattern