Explorer for new architectural dimensions

Latent Studio is a groundbreaking web service that redefines initial-stage modeling for large architecture offices. It harnesses the prowess of 3D Generative Adversarial Networks (3DGANs) and a vast cloud-based voxel model database.
This transformative process involves two crucial steps: data collection and training, culminating in a meticulously curated Typology Catalog. Along all steps, Architects seamlessly engage with these models through Speckle, fostering swift design iterations.
What sets Latent Studio apart is its revolutionary approach to visual exploration of the latent space, granting architects an unprecedented tool for creative design exploration.

Module 1:

Learning Progress:

For better estimation of training progress, captures of the same vectors coordinates were plot every 200 epochs of training.

Module 2:
Interpolation Matrix

Module 3:
UI shape mixer

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