100 million hectares of forest has been destroyed worldwide in the past 20 years.
Life cycle of wood from start to finish.

What is Wood Waste?

European Wood Waste Information

Wood Waste potential case studies performed around Europe by the BIOREG organization.
A zoom in of Spain’s wood waste production and utilization.
Places around Spain that collect and distribute wood waste material. The vast majority of these places mainly collect sawdust, reclaimed wood, and pallet boxes as opposed to tree offcuts.

Tree Forks As Offcuts

Tree Forks have a complex internal fiber network that cause them to have high lateral load potential, making them excellent materials to create joineries.
Included bark is seen as weaker than bark not included. The fiber network is separated, causing the tree to split easier. These pieces typically have a V shape, while the strongest tree forks have a U shape.

Thesis Project Context

State of Art Projects

There are three main steps in the thesis project: The collection, the design, and the fabrication. These steps all come together to form a bottom up workflow to create a truss system out of tree fork joineries.