The phenomenon of RAIN is an emotion. Some love it from a distance while some enjoy being drenched in it. But what everyone longs for, are those brief showers that help cool down the hot and dry summers and provide a sense of thermal relief. With that we wonder, can a curated rainfall, brought in close to living quarters, be the self-sufficient solution to the hot summer days in places that receive very less rainfall?

Let’s create a rain’IN’g symphony!

R E S E A R C H   P H A S E  1 . 0

U n d e r s t a n d i n g   R A I N

D E S I G N   P H A S E  1 . 0

S i t e   A n a l y s i s

The Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, running along the northwest coast, receives the most significant precipitation due to orographic effects. Some of the towns in this area are known for their lush vegetation and higher rainfall totals. Andratx is one such town.

On average, Andratx receives approximately 560 to 600 millimeters (22 to 24 inches) of rainfall annually.

D E S I G N   P H A S E  1. 1

C o n c e p t   f o r   D e s i g n

P L U V I A L   R E S P I T E  is a multitude of residential units where rainfall is embraced as part of life. The design aims to improve the pluvial line marking during the hot and dry months (June-August) by storing rainwater during the monsoon and regenerating this water to cause different intensities of rainfall in and around living spaces, thus providing the much required relief from the blazing heat.  Apart from the regeneration, the design also focuses on understanding the effect of raindrops on  metal meshes, so as to incorporate them to enhance the pluvial experience of the users. The main element of the design is the exaggerated roof, which behaves like a ‘porous umbrella’, partly allowing and partly blocking the rain from entering the living spaces.

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S m a l l e s t   A r c h i t e c t u r e

D E S I G N   P H A S E  2 . 1

S e l f   S u f f i c i e n t   B u i l d i n g s