Shruti Sahasrabudhe, Larsen Bidstrup, Nishanth Maheshwaran, Jacek Antoni Kostrzewa

The idea was to develop the structure to interact and adapt with the program and the people based on use and preferences

The programme revolves around the concept of people from various walks of life can exchange knowledge and skills by teaching and communal living. The design Targets how to make a space adaptable to its evolving needs and changing user groups of artisans, tourists, students and the locals.
The space houses a hub for exchange of culture and knowledge. The structure had to mainly focus on how to give its users a adaptable space that can create an ecosystem where the structure envelopes the activities to its fullest.

The pixels grow topologically in the space by the addition of different pixels to each other forming multiple variation of how spaces interact with each other.

To achieve the modularity a grid of 5m x 5m was placed to the dimensions of the site and to develop a the loads can be placed independent of how the pixels are placed therefore giving it the option to be adaptable to the ecosystem of the program and its needs.



Application on the Built

South Facade – Mazimising Solar Access during the Day

DAYTIME – The Polycarbonate Outer Facade allows the interior spaces to get heated up and it also allows the light to penetrate through the Facade such that the interior spaces not only get the heat but the light as well. the polycarbonate layer also allows the built to be more porous.

South Facade – Minimising Heat Loss at Night

NIGHT TIME – The Retractable Hay Panels can slide down from the slab on each floor, thus acting like a jacket which the building wears at night to protect the building from heat loss at night thus maintaining the temperature of the interior spaces.
The working of Retractable Hay Panels

The overall Built form with the facade

NORTH FACADE- Maximizing Insulation

Maximising insulation and having punctures in the facade for openings and balconies.
The entire built responds to the structure and the contours such that the internal pixels (units) are visible from the outside and there is a play of solids and voids