Cary is a carpooling platform designed for daily commuters travelling from peripheral areas to the city core. Our innovative ride package, flexible scheduling, and advanced matching algorithm connect drivers and passengers from the same area, ensuring unmatched comfort for frequent travellers. Cary helps save time and money while reducing traffic and fostering connections among users.


will update everything after finals : ) ECOVEY is a project of Urban Shift, developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA02) at IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, by students: Anastasija Vidović (IAAC), Alessa Honetschläeger (WU), Killian Karb (HDM) Erik Allmer (TU Wien) faculty: Chiara Farinea, Fiona Demeur & the Urban Shift … Read more

ESPINA URBANA. Parque Vertebral Redibuja Santa Fe

En la década de los 70, la Ciudad de México afrontó el desafío de reestructurar su área metropolitana para descentralizar servicios y empleo, facilitando así el acceso a la creciente población del poniente. Santa Fe, anteriormente una zona de minas agotadas y basureros fue seleccionada para transformarse en un moderno centro urbano, aprovechando la disponibilidad … Read more

Rising Waters

The year is 2100. Latin America is sinking. Due to global warming the polar icecaps have almost melted completely. In addition the increased temperature has caused the global water mass to expand by almost 1%. As a consequence sea levels are rising at unprecedented levels globally. The coastline in South America is hard-hit by these … Read more


Santa Fe, Ciudad de México, es un micromundo de transformación urbana que encapsula siglos de historia y evolución. Inicialmente habitada por comunidades indígenas agrícolas, Santa Fe experimentó cambios profundos con la llegada de los españoles, quienes impulsaron la explotación minera. Esto transformó radicalmente su paisaje y economía, convirtiendolo en un importante centro de extracción y … Read more

Red de Sistemas de Circuitos Terapéuticos para la Movilidad Autónoma

Como una de las estrategias de Intervención de los Espacios Accesibles Universales Autónomos. “Red de circuitos de Espacios Accesibles Universales Autónomos, para la recuperación de Espacios Públicos en la comuna de La Florida, Chile” ¿Qué pueden aportar para la recuperación de los espacios públicos, las personas que se les denomina con Movilidad Reducida o con … Read more

VeloVerd La Verneda: Urban Synthesis

Incorporating the principles of Industry 4.0, our architectural project redefines urban living by seamlessly integrating sustainable design strategies with advanced manufacturing techniques. With a focus on promoting bicycle culture and health, our industry manufactures bikes. In this module, we synthesised the previous modules into a holistic design. The design principles from thermodynamics, exosystemic structures, metabolic … Read more

Barrio Modelo

Repensando el modelo de Vivienda de Interés Social Mexicano con un enfoque en la sostenibilidad urbana El desarrollo urbano en México de los últimos 50 años ha seguido un modelo territorial extensivo, caracterizado por una baja densidad habitacional y una configuración urbana discontinua. Este patrón ha extendido las urbanizaciones considerablemente, incrementando el consumo de suelo … Read more

Optimal Pathfinding in Digital Terrain

This exercise undertakes developing a shortest path simulation on varied terrains. Starting with basic point-to-point movements, I integrated agent behavior, enabling these agents to make decisions and take actions to move towards the destination point by choosing the best available option. The development of the simulation follows agent movement behaviors from two separate algorithms: Movement … Read more

Tracking Cross-Border Monetary Flows to measure Geopolitical Insecurity

Creating a streamlined pipeline to visualize and extrapolate financial data enabling a correlation with spatial geo-specific information. The World and all countries alike have been increasingly more susceptible to events and developments in the geo-political theatre. It is not surprising that the world’s top two economic and military superpowers play a pivotal role in this … Read more

Ideals Along Lines of Conflict

The killing of Nahel Merzouk was not an accident. The 17-year-old French Algerian boy was killed where the potential for conflict is high, in Nanterre. A young Muslim in a yellow Mercedes along the western Champs-Élysées unfortunately made Nahel a prime candidate for police violence resulting in death. His death brought about a week of … Read more

Confronting Forms of Erasure

History is not always written in neat paragraphs and grand monuments. Sometimes, the most important stories are the ones left untold. The ones silenced, forgotten, or deliberately erased. In 1994, over a period of 100 days, the Rwandan genocide took place. Hutu extremists; fueled by ethnic hatred and political manipulation, sought to eradicate the Tutsi … Read more

Darien: Closing the data Gap

Imagine a massive highway stretching from Alaska all the way down to the tip of Argentina. That’s almost possible through the Pan-American Highway, except for one crucial interruption: the Darien Gap. The Darien Gap is a sprawling, dense jungle separating Panama and Colombia, an obstacle that breaks the otherwise continuous highway. But the Gap isn’t … Read more

Hyperenergetic Viladecans

By 2100, the global temperature is forecasted to increase from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius due the effects of Greenhouse Gases Emissions and Human Activities. The City of Viladecans has developed a Vision by 2030 which expects the city to become EMISSIONS NEUTRAL, and EMISSIONS NEGATIVE by 2050. For approaching this goal, HYPENERGETIC VILADECANS establishes … Read more

City in Motion: Analyzing People Movement with Agent-Based Modeling

In the realm of urban design, understanding movement behaviors is paramount for creating efficient and people-centric city layouts. In this individual project, I delve into the intricacies of movement behaviors using computational tools and techniques, including agent-based modeling. By incorporating the loop evaluate field amplitude tool and employing vector display, scalar fields, heat maps, and … Read more

45 Years of Piracy: Strengthening Global Maritime Security through Non-Military Approaches

Our project embarked on a mission to tackle global shipping piracy without resorting to military action. We faced a major challenge: finding and using publicly available information to craft a proposal that countries and international organizations would support. 1. WHY SHIPPING PIRACY? Within the context of Networked Flows, our directive was to pinpoint potential disruptions … Read more

What is Advanced Air Mobility? [VOL. II]

Towards Aerial Techno-infrastructures I. INTRODUCTION “Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is a rapidly-emerging, new sector of the aerospace industry which aims to safely and efficiently integrate highly automated aircraft into the NAS. AAM is not a single technology, but rather a collection of new and emerging technologies being applied to the aviation transportation system, particularly in … Read more

Slime Molds Simulation

Natural Behavior This exercise focuses on exploring and understanding the behavior of Physarum polycephalum, a slime mold organism, through digital simulations. Different configurations and parameters will be investigated to observe how they affect the movement, reproduction, and growth of this organism. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions of Physarum polycephalum … Read more

Reclaim Rover

The integration of a rover or swarm of rovers into construction demolition sites represents a paradigm shift in waste management practices. Equipped with advanced sensors and AI algorithms, this rover possesses the capability to accurately identify and segregate valuable materials such as steel and metal amidst debris and rubble. These rovers operate seamlessly alongside human … Read more


Santa Fe, ubicada al poniente de la Ciudad de México, constituye un polígono de mil hectáreas que surgió a raíz de la expropiación realizada por el Gobierno Federal en la década de los 90. Esta expropiación tuvo lugar en la zona ocupada por basureros y minas pertenecientes al extinto Distrito Federal, con el objetivo de … Read more

Espacios Accesibles Universales Autónomos

Abstract. ¿Qué oportunidades para la recuperación de Espacios Públicos se están perdiendo al dejar de lado a las personas con Discapacidad, Adultos Mayores, personas del cuidado, infancia, adolescentes y sus familias cuando se trata de diseño urbano? ¿Qué estrategias se pueden precisar para anclar a la escala de las personas de a pie, del mundo … Read more