Interactive Lights 

Concept The aim of the project is to develop as lighting system that will be responsive and interactive to its surrounding people’s movements. And to make that happen, I have used the ultrasonic sensor as a proximity sensor to measure the distance of people and their movements. As a next step of this project, we … Read more

Security key

This project remakes simply key passcode for the door locks. You should type the correct password and the lock will open. If entered the wrong password 5 times,  it will give an Alarm sound. Then have to press the # button to reset the password. Main code


CONCEPT The concept of the project was to create a system that detects solar radiation throughout the day and adjusts the facade angle accordingly to keep the internal area of the building cool and shaded using a Photoresistor. Also, at the same time to prevent the rainwater from coming inside the building using a water … Read more


Adaptive facade

CONCEPT The system consists in creating a facade that moves according to the sunlight. The components of the facade turn with the effect of a motor that is activated according to the environment. An example of an application would be a building in the shape of a bar, having wider sides with east and west … Read more

A Canadian tried to make a pizza…

Robotics in food manufacture Exercise Create a moving end effector to be installed on the ABB arm robot using the actuators and electronic components reviewed in class. Inspiration Inspiration for this device stemmed from the integration of robots in the food industry. Additional inspiration was drawn from the Latching End Effector (LEE) on the Canadarm. … Read more