The Site Greenhouses and Agriculture Perks Introduce The Community and Ecology Climate Immigrants (30%) Locals in El Ejido (70%) Lack of resources & low education system with 60% of people are working in agriculture. Green house as a common element to all these problems. Design Response

Turbulence and Regeneration

The site that was chosen was that of the intersection of the river Besos in Barcelona with the Mediterranean Sea . The site , is a juncture of not only the different natural ecologies at play, but also the affect on these ecologies caused by humans, (an electrical industry with outlets into the river) in … Read more

Forms of Inadequacy in Dakar

Abstract Dakar is Senegal’s capital city and rapidly urbanizing economic center. Today, Dakar’s urban area is home to 3.54M people, half of Senegal’s population, and generates 55% of the Country’s GDP. This growth is artificially constrained by an urban growth boundary, where new homes are informally built, and due to the city’s topography, a peninsula … Read more

Future Cities: Lahore – A Vision for 2050

Where is Lahore? Lahore, the capital city of the Punjab province in Pakistan, is a historic urban center known for its rich culture, vibrant life, and significant economic contributions. Situated near the eastern border with India, Lahore stands as a testament to centuries of evolution, from a small walled city to a sprawling metropolis. As … Read more

Dhaka City’s Urban Nexus

Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh is at a critical juncture in its urban development. With a population exceeding 10.4 million, the city faces significant challenges in housing, transportation, and environmental sustainability. This project is a part of a comparative analysis done by the students, understanding these challenges under the framework of SDG 11 – … Read more

Lessons learned in Neuquén

The workshop challenged us to engage with the topic of planetary urbanization through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda. We chose to work on the city of Neuquen as it represents an example of a city that is undergoing a fast transition in the context of climate change. Neuquen province has a rich … Read more

VIDA Y MUERTE DE CIUDADES MINERAS.Estrategias territoriales para una nueva imagen del Cerro de Pasco, Perú – 2045

El inminente fin de todo proceso extractivo plantea interrogantes sobre el futuro incierto de la ciudad y/o contexto socio urbano en el cual se ha emplazado o que ha generado. Por lo general, las operaciones mineras están intrínsicamente ligadas a la degradación y desterritorialización de los sistemas naturales, como también, a la violación de los … Read more

MEJORAMIENTO DE BARRIOS PRECARIOS 2.0: De la legalización y las infraestructuras al desarrollo económico y social

Hablar de barrios y asentamientos precarios es hablar de segregación. Aunque suele considerarse como un factor que afecta exclusivamente el campo urbanístico y espacial, es necesario considerar la segregación como una condición multidimensional para entender la complejidad de los fenómenos de marginalidad que afectan estos entornos y las soluciones para revertirla en campos como: El … Read more


This blog describes and showcases the second-term research and prototyping for Bionook. Research Topic: Investigating the Synergistic Potential Between Additive Manufacturing Methods and Engineered Timber in Reshaping Urban Design Paradigms. This research delves into precisely integrating sawdust and orange peels as industrial by-product additives for Soil Additive Manufacturing and locally sourced Engineered Timber, synergizing them … Read more


2nd research, Comparison masterplan Tokyo by Kenzo Tange vs the existing Tokyo Why Tange Kenzo Tange, as you know, is one of the most famous architects in the world. He has left behind many architectural works in Japan and around the world, He is also an urbanist. In planning the master plan for Tokyo, he … Read more

La Obertura – Water Management

The primary objective of the water management strategy employed in this project is to reduce the water usage of both the building occupants (including residents and industrial users) to a minimum level. One straightforward method for reducing water consumption involves implementing the following measures. By setting a baseline for the overall water consumption in residential … Read more

Proximity Food: Metabolic Building Systems – Energy

In the face of the climate crisis, the role of energy systems in building design has come under increasingly scrutiny. Buildings are not only significant energy consumers but also major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. As we grapple with rising global temperatures and rising urbanization, the focus on creating energy efficient buildings which rely on clean, … Read more

Computing Movements of an Urban Square

The research project imagined a tile of a underused urban plaza as a square-based petri dish to test the movement of points within the tiled surface. By defining a number of points within the geometry of the area, the density of tiles would decrease, relative to the closest point. The membrane between the ground plane … Read more

Sistema Público de Cuidados

Sistema público de cuidados

CRISIS MUNDIAL DE LOS CUIDADOS Derivado del contexto de la emergencia sanitaria mundial por el COVID-19, diversas organizaciones mundiales alertaron una emergencia global de los cuidados, en especial la Comisión Interamericana de Mujeres advirtió sobre el impacto diferenciado que la crisis socioeconómica tendría en las mujeres y expuso un fuerte impacto en la sobrecarga de … Read more

Proximity Food: Metabolic Building Systems – Water

Plot 2 – Proximity Food combines food production & residencies.  Greenhouses split residential buildings, providing residents with access to growing spaces to be used for food self-sufficiency throughout the year. The industrial level includes a variety of food industries – including hydroponic farming, food R&D labs and urban food forests. Water is a crucial part of … Read more


Tackling the Internet of People through Fortifying & Diversifying the economy in Viladecans, Spain Introduction Viladecans is a dynamic and thriving municipality with a rich history, diverse economy, and vibrant community life. Its strategic location, economic opportunities, and quality of life make it an attractive place to live, work, and visit in the Barcelona metropolitan … Read more

Places to stay

Viladecans greeted us with an unexpected tranquility. We arrived to the city on the commuter train from Barcelona, opposing the flow of morning commuters. The station was empty. A single street, lined with abandoned plots and industrial sheds led us up the hill into the town. A few hundred metres later the scene couldn’t be … Read more

“Parque de la Autoconstrucción para la Paz en ciudad de San José de Costa Rica. “

“Architecture is Not the Knowledge of Form but a Form of Knowledge.” -TSCHUMI Antes de iniciar en el difícil talento de puntualizar, me veo obligado a preceder una serie de importantes aspectos. Explico lo que explicaré. El presente texto, ilustra una serie de pequeñas intervenciones para el manejo de residuos sólidos urbanos y exploración de … Read more

Integrative Ant Hill Colony

Our group project is Ant Hill Colony on Mars, which has both above/below ground elements and underground heart, tunnels and pods. The project concept derived from “learning from ant colony,” therefore, the geometry shapes were more organic and natural. Originally, we recreated this by starting with LiDAR technology to identify the soil characteristics, then applying … Read more


Inhabiting Ice Cavities under the Martian Surface Introduction – The Idea For the first settlers on Mars, we have envisioned a colony of Aqua-Miners with the primary task of harvesting water as a resource from the ice beneath Mars’ surface, storing it and recycling it for sustainable use. Our approach to this problem has been … Read more

Aquamines – a Collaborative Workflow

Introduction – The Idea For the first settlers on Mars, we have envisioned a colony of Aqua-Miners with the primary task of harvesting water as a resource from the ice beneath Mars’ surface, storing it and recycling it for sustainable use. Our approach to this problem has been exceptionally data-driven. Our idea is to explore … Read more