How Does Social Media Showcase Care?


Nykita posts: “Introducing ACTIVE EYE – a political, activism focused eye wear line that is relevant for anyone who wants to make an impact. See through their eyes and show that you care by supporting their cause. #WearyourCare Some of the proceeds are donated to the respective causes. – #activewear #activism #blm #climateaction #ukraine #iran #freepalestine

anna_banana89 I cannot help but wonder if these actions are genuine, or if they are motivated by a desire for digital ‘congratulations’ on a job well done.1 It is neoliberal capitalist care that remains detached, both casual and indifferent, with disastrous consequences.

vinylgeek3 @anna_banana89 Will someone please stop this pseudo-caring movement?3 Care is not about fusion; it can be about the right distance.4 These Nykitas are making a real difference as they are made of recycled water bottles.

anna_banana89 @vinylgeek3 Your capitalistic ‘need of a constantly expanding market’, and its ‘growth fetish’, proves that you are opposed to any notion of sustainability.5 By marketing and purchasing green products, you are reducing care to its most narrow minded caricature.

vinylgeek3 @anna_banana89 We cannot possibly care for everything, not everything can count in the world, not everything is relevant in the world. Nykita’s type of activism that challenges the status quo—that attacks deeply rooted problems—is not for the faint of heart.

anna_banana89 @vinylgeek3 Instagram activism succeeds not by motivating people to make a real sacrifice but by motivating them to do the things that people do when they are not motivated enough to make a real sacrifice. Care is a human trouble, but this does not make of care a human-only matter. @anna_banana89 Sometimes care is best carried out by strangers, or indeed can only be carried out by strangers. Just look at the mutual aid groups that have sprung up during the Covid-19 pandemic.

vinylgeek3 @anna_banana89 But what is care? Is it an affection? A moral obligation? Work? A burden? A joy? Something we can learn or practice? Something we just do 12? We need to ask ourselves how to care instead of just following our inherent idea of obligations.


beyoncesupremacy_ @vinylgeek3 How are blue collar people able to participate in this kind of activism if a pair of glasses costs $600? We have to consider how care can turn into moral pressure for workers who might rightfully want to preserve their affective engagement from exploitations of waged labor.

vinylgeek3 @beyoncesupremacy_ Wrong demographic- the target audience doesn’t even care about what you have to say. Your energy is wasted in this forum.

trader35 @beyoncesupremacy_ You can buy cheap sunglasses anywhere, this is an investment to showcase your care. Also if your company has a decent Corporate Social Responsibility strategy they would buy you a pair of these sunglasses.



This brand is shamelessly making a profit out of humanitarian causes and they charge $600 dollars for plastic sunglasses! ??? Guys I need you to report this post for its inappropriate content.



pabloletsgotothebar You’re all wasting your voice in this comment section. What about protests?? What about voting? A boycott? Community organizing? If one is truly engaged with what they are doing, they are probably not reaching for their phones to post on IG stories or buying a pair of sunglasses. Many think of themselves as activists just like many think of themselves as antiracists, but concurrently take no actions in support of the cause they support.

sharonsings801 shame

thehunterexperience @pabloletsgotothebar This idea of purity, and you’re never compromised, and you’re always politically ‘woke’ and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly. The world is messy; there are ambiguities.

vinylgeek3 @pabloletsgotothebar Do you even care about these things? I will happily spend $600 to buy these glasses and showcase my care for Ukraine. There is this sense of the way of making change is to be as judgmental as possible about other people. That’s not activism.

JohnnyD shame

thehunterexperience @vinylgeek3 Care? Why should I care about care ? This type of activism for the sake of activism becomes a form of public narcissism under the guise of promoting social justice.

bill.gator shame

trapeddy300 @pabloletsgotothebar Non-profit organizations have actively been using Social Media sites to promote their causes, while also sparking conversations on the topic among followers.

herbert_mk1952 You never had the slightest conception of what happens when bombs are dropped on cities. Even conventional bombs. None of you ever experienced it. Not a single one of you. I walked back from the centre of Berlin to the suburbs one night, after one of the big raids. No transport moving, of course. The whole city on fire. Even the puddles in the streets are burning. They’re puddles of molten phosphorus. It gets on your shoes like some kind of incandescent dog-muck—I have to keep scraping it off—as if the streets have been fouled by the hounds of hell. It would have made you laugh—my shoes keep bursting into flame. All around me, I suppose, there are people trapped, people in various stages of burning to death. And all I can think is, How will I ever get hold of another pair of shoes in times like these.

beyoncebest shame

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pmoney_23 I personally #lovethisidea. We are not trying to make friends here, we are trying to make change. Does this make me passive? I don’t think so. I think it makes me more focused on what counts.

deborah_m_elizabethh I ordered the #AllLivesMatter glasses, but was sent the #BlackLivesMatter model! Very upset with this lack of customer care. Our world is one in which carelessness reigns.

isabella.holisticgirl @deborah_m_elizabethh It’s ironic that one can be naïve about caring. Growing the economy has taken priority over ensuring the well-being of citizens.

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