perceiving the world in a human shell called body

acting as transition between physical and spiritual

The project tackle the understanding of the human existence and complexity of how every aspect in the body perceive life in a different way. “Who am I ?” provides you to feel and experience yourself in a physical world as in a world build for spiritual creatures. As all existing worlds and designs are created for the physical existence it needs to be questioned how a world for the spiritual creatures would look like and how people would perceive it.

Scene 0

Scene 0 is the first experience a visitor gets after putting on the VR-Goggles. They enter the virtual world by staying in a reconstruction of the physical environment to give the visitor a smooth transition into the virtual experience and don’t find themself directly in unknown spaces.

Scene 1

Scene 1 is called “the lab” because it represents a world before you experience your physical body and spiritual creature which doesn’t trigger your senses, therefore it is white, neutral and sterile. In this experience you feel empty so that the senses of the next scene feel even stronger.

Scene 2

Scene 2 let you experience the physical world in it’s purest form, the nature. In the forest you see and hear the nature but also the wind is simulated with a fan to display the experience as realistic as possible.

Scene 3

Scene 3 “the spiritverse” is the final stage of the travel experience in the virtual world. This scene answers the question how a world designed for the human spirit would look like.


Those animated design attempts experiment how transitions to lose a physical shell and reflect your spirit would feel like.