This presentation is related to which kind of instruments we learned and how to use it during a project.

The project that I am analayzing is located in Belfast, north Ireland. The environmental analysis show us that the city have an oceanic climate. With mild winters, cool summers. and the rains and the cover sky are balanced throughout the year. The wind is quite constant and is coming from each direction. The main amoung of wind is coming from south west and nort west. But the site, sourranded by other building, is not strong influenzed by the strongest winds.

My aproch to detected wich are the best location for the building and the right shape have been analaz wich part of the site have the best exposition and wich kind of shape can get the biggest ammounth of solar radiatin due to tthe fact we are in a not hot whether place.

Could be just a problem in the high level of the tower that maybe are over exposed. But we can Fix it with some specific architectural choice.

Making the day light analysis over the linear building we can see that not all the floor plant is reciving the right amount of natural light. In the case we have not the chance to create window in the back facade the only way to avoid the problem is using this information to lead the interior design proces.

After analysing how this building is affect the ground floor thath could be a public square we can se that there are some tourbulance generated by the high tower. One of the aproch could be use a green wind break barrel to reduce the wind speed in the ground area.

After this fast aproch on all the tools we lern on a theorycal project. If i have to think to use it in a real project I can say that sometimes we have to face up with the fact that Client request, Amministrative city rules, tecnical problem or budget limitation not allow us use at maximus the data and the resoult provided by this tool.

But in My opinion. Even when we cant take the best advantage from it we still be able to integreted the information that are giving us in all the project decision step.