AirFlow ClimateMate is a responsive environmental control system, inspired by the principles of Origami and kinetic facades. It utilizes real-time data on air quality and temperature to intelligently regulate the movement of the façade, ensuring optimal indoor conditions.

Inspired by the Origami and kinetic facade, this project endeavors to leverage real-time air quality and temperature data to intelligently regulate the motion of the facade, creating a responsive system that dynamically adapts to environmental conditions. When the machine detects that the air quality has fallen below a predefined threshold, it triggers a mechanism to open the facade. This could involve motorized windows, louvers, or another architectural feature that allows fresh air to enter the space. Simultaneously, the machine monitors the ambient temperature. If the temperature rises above a specified level, indicating potential discomfort or overheating, the system activates a fan to circulate air and cool the environment.


Resembling the functionality of an umbrella, the servo pushes the gear in an up-and-down motion, connected to an origami inspired module that will further open and close based on the inputs.

Bill of Materials