Within the current global context of rapid change, integrated with the potentials of digital technologies, IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA) is committed to the generation of new ideas and applications for Urban Design, Self Sufficiency, Digital Manufacturing Techniques and Advanced Interaction.

In this context IAAC works with a multidisciplinary approach, facing the challenges posed by our environment and the future development of cities, architecture and buildings, through a virtuous combination of technology, biology, computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, pushing innovation beyond the boundaries of a more traditional architectural approach.


Slime Molds Simulation

Natural Behavior This exercise focuses on exploring and understanding the behavior of Physarum polycephalum, a slime mold organism, through digital simulations. Different configurations and parameters will be investigated to observe how they affect the movement, reproduction, and growth of this organism. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions of Physarum polycephalum … Read more

Sami’s Sound Hub

Music and Cultural Center Sami’s Sound Hub in Karasjok, Norway, innovatively blends Sami culture with avant-garde design. Inspired by catenary arches and hyperbolic forms, the Main Hall features strategically designed perforations and a central opening following hyperbolic geometry, playing with light and shadow. The walls showcase fractal snowflake patterns, influenced by the region’s cold temperatures. … Read more


BuildLens.XR: An application that combines innovative fabrication techniques with augmented reality (AR) technology to simplify the construction of non-standardized building forms. By harnessing the capabilities of AR, this tool provides precise guidance for various layers of structural reinforcement and other service-related components, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the fabrication process. With BuildLens.XR, users receive real-time … Read more

Atacama Cultural center

The music performance and cultural center located in Colchane will act as a bridge. The center contains both music performance and recording spaces, as well as textile production capabilities. This allows shared use of the space to maximize utility for the community, to encourage cross-generational interaction, and allow the Aymara people to grow and share … Read more

A Garage Roof Transformation to a Workspace

The performance of a structure is judged by its ability to support applied loads with a minimum of material and a balanced stress distribution that avoids excessive overloads and underloads.playing with different materials, tension, and rotation of elements. OUR GOALS DESIGN STRATEGY STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2D utilization comparison Utilization provides measurement of the performance of a … Read more

Shelves as Structure

The objective of this presentation was to explore the shelves as structure in order to transform an existing garage in London (Clissold Crescent, Hackney) into a workshop space. Through this seminar we understood the various opportunities and the potential of adapting shelves into roof structures. We made various grids by moving the positions of shelves … Read more

Platefold Prefab

Design Approach Folded Structure System Folded plate surfaces, architectural marvels with interconnected planar elements, gain further dynamism through linear additions. These straight elements seamlessly integrate with the folded structure, enhancing both aesthetics and structural efficiency. The result is a visually striking and functionally optimized design, showcasing the harmonious blend of form and function in contemporary … Read more


Fold.AR: Unleash the magic of paper folding Discover intricate geometries in augmented reality. Explore the possibilities. Folding paper holds significant relevance in elevating the senses of space and design in architecture due to several factors as its versatility, adaptability, expressiveness, tactility, and cultural significant. In essence, folding paper serves as a powerful design tool in … Read more


At the request of STORE STORE in London, we developed a proposal for a timber structure roof for an existing garage located specifically in Clissold Crescent, Hackney. The objective is to transform the space into a workshop. The project presented a unique challenge as it is planned in phases, necessitating a demountable design that can … Read more

Reimagining the Bayfront Pavilion

The Bayfront Pavillion redefines architectural boundaries, featuring cutting-edge sustainable materials and dynamic design elements. Its fluid contours echo the surrounding environment, promoting harmony with nature. Functionality meets elegance in this pavilion, boasting versatile spaces adaptable for cultural events, exhibitions, and communal gatherings. The UTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory has ingeniously engineered a landmark that not only … Read more

RED SEA – 2050

G4-STUDIO, KIN INFRASTRUCTURE ABSTRACT: The Red Sea 2050 Architectural Project presents an innovative and sustainable approach to coral reef conservation. Focused on education and design interventions, the project addresses the urgent need to safeguard coral ecosystems. The conceptual framework involves the creation of modular panels—both large and small—deployed as coral farming plates. This approach allows … Read more


Manifesto “Verdenlace” is an urban park situated in Les Corts, designed to reconnect individuals with biodiversity while encouraging community participation through architectural interventions. The park’s functions aim to foster esteem and self-actualization among users. The structural form is derived from multiple aggregations and iterations of a simple module, adapting the space based on various parameters … Read more


“First Life, then Spaces, then Buildings, the other way around never works” – Jan Gehl The proposal is an intervention at the site situated in Diagonal Mar, neighborhood, inspired from the fundamental idea of Placemaking. The intervention goes beyond development, aiming to activate the site and create a vibrant community. Grounded in functionality, the approach … Read more

Restorative Marine Eco-vessel

A migratory eco-vessel designed to nurture multiscalar habitats, fostering diverse species settlements for enhanced biodiversity and marine environment restoration. Drawing inspiration from mussels’ bioregulatory nature, this design targets eutrophication in the Mediterranean, offering an adaptive, nature-based solution that grows and learns with the ecosystem.


Marine Oasis Creation Through Plastic Decomposition Implementing a Symbiotic Relationship with Aspergillus Fungi To Restore Ocean Deserts Keywords: Plastic decomposition | Aspergillus fungi | Lichen | Cyanobacteria | Marine ecosystem | Garbage Patch | Degrowth | Coral reefs | Ocean deserts | Habitat restoration The DecompAsper stands out as an innovative device that, through the synergistic … Read more

“Verde Vallis” Curated Jungle in Vallcarca

‘The Vallcarquians, in a parenthesis born of destruction, symbolize persistence against speculation.’ Verde Vallis aims to reappropriate flora as a tool for reclamation and regeneration in Vallcarca. Learning from Vallcarquian panarchy and the dynamics of this complex ecosystem in response to disturbance and change and taking advantage of the abundance of flora on site, Verde … Read more


PERE IV, SANT MARTI41.410461, 2.203936 MANIFESTO In the heart of Barcelona’s ecological transition, the project at Carrer de Pere IV, 380, embodies a vision of regenerative design that breathes life into the site, offering a diverse array of ecological services. It’s a living showcase of ecological culture, an oasis in the heart of cities where … Read more


Future of Tarragona Refinery The contemporary power station plays a substantial role within the cityscape, serving not only as a primary energy generator but also as a cornerstone in the intricate tapestry of urban planning. What implications might this massive infrastructure have on the future trajectory of the city’s urban development? About the Site The … Read more


The symbiotic coexistence of humans, flora and fauna within our cities is the cornerstone of a sustainable and harmonious future.    Through a meticulous analysis of data extracted from the site and a comprehensive understanding of Barcelona’s climatic conditions, our visionary project sets its sights on the future, envisioning Barcelona in the year 2050 as a … Read more


ABSTRACT 2050 INHABITANT STATEGIES While accurately predicting the state of mental health in the year 2050 is challenging, various indicators suggest a potential decline in the overall well-being of the population. This trend is notably pronounced in urban areas, attributable to congestion and limited access to nature and green spaces. The issue of mental health … Read more

AQUAPONIA I 2050 Hydroscape

STATEMENT Proposing an eco-conscious water management system through metabolic water treatment for co-living communities, this innovation project aims to repurpose water usages, effectively saving energy and optimizing resource allocation for wastewater management. ABSTRACT Our vision is to redefine the future of urban living by fostering sustainable activities that align together with the smart use of … Read more


STUDIO – G4 KIN INFRASTRUCTURES The Dolphin Defender is an innovative underwater floating structure situated in international waters near Japan, designed to address various marine challenges and foster ecological balance. . With a depth of 200 meters, equipped with advanced sonar tracking, the Dolphin Defender serves as a vigilant guardian, detecting ships and boats in … Read more