Within the current global context of rapid change, integrated with the potentials of digital technologies, IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA) is committed to the generation of new ideas and applications for Urban Design, Self Sufficiency, Digital Manufacturing Techniques and Advanced Interaction.

In this context IAAC works with a multidisciplinary approach, facing the challenges posed by our environment and the future development of cities, architecture and buildings, through a virtuous combination of technology, biology, computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, pushing innovation beyond the boundaries of a more traditional architectural approach.


Floral Sensations merges responsive technology and art in an interactive architectural installation. Powered by Arduino, an ultrasonic sensor triggers a DC motor to rotate lasercut flowers; and an LED to fade on or off. The rotation and illumination intensifies as viewers approach, enhancing the immersive experience.


Concept The intention was to design a multi functional rover with obstacle sensing capabilities. The rover can be controlled in two ways, either through voice commands or through Bluetooth remote sensing. Materials Circuit Diagram Some critical considerations: Before uploading the code RX and TX connections must be taken out. After uploading, they must be again … Read more

Desktop FAN-Tasy

“A futuristic, yet, simple approach to cooling down…” Concept While working in the office in the terrible heat of the summer, the air conditioner was rapidly cooling the small room and we had to constantly turn it on and off. For this reason, I bought a desktop fan, but to turn it on, I had … Read more

The Symphony of Senses: A Multisensory Theatrical Journey

CONCEPT Step into the future of performing arts with a motion and sound responsive centre. This innovative concept transforms live performances into immersive experiences by dynamically responding to movements and sounds. Through cutting-edge technology, the space comes alive with synchronized light displays, elevating the traditional arts experience. Witness a synergy of motion, sound, and light, … Read more


CONCEPT “EuphoriaRAYS” is an innovative project harnessing music-reactive dynamic lighting to elevate spirits after stressful days or frustrating events. Through vibrant, responsive installations in public spaces, it creates immersive environments where individuals can engage with colorful, interactive lights synced to uplifting music. This transformative experience aims to shift moods, infusing joy and positivity by inviting … Read more

Focus Companion

LIFE IS FULL OF DISTRACTIONS. This sometimes hinders one’s ability to have periods of uninterrupted concentration. To combat this, the Focus Companion is a device for enhanced productivity that locks away distractors, such as phones, for a set amount of “focus time” and monitors users’ motion to ensure that they not only stay on their … Read more

Random Decision Making Device

Let’s talk about random decision-making devices, a cool tool with many uses. Ever get stuck deciding? This device helps break that deadlock, offering clarity and moving things along. But it’s not just about making life simpler – it sparks creativity, pushing us beyond the usual options. Think of it like a compass for trying new … Read more

night watering

application of an automatic watering system which only activates under two conditions :  the soil moisture is dry, and the sun has set. this helps to avoid too much water evaporation, but also to avoid over-watering the soil. step 1 / setting up the soil sensor. step 2 / setting up the servo motor. step 3 / setting … Read more

Artificial Sun

“Artificial sun” is a light installation that originated from a dark, cold winter walk in Berlin. Berlin, one of Europe’s liveliest and youngest cities, is renowned for its vibrant parties and general positive atmosphere.However, when winter arrives and the days grow shorter, the city seems to go into hibernation, leaving its streets cold and empty. … Read more

DyeMate ProVision

Dye vending machine working with an ultrasonic drive system. Concept The project involves a container equipped with a keypad, allowing it to provide a specific weight of the material inside based on user input. The primary objective was to aid a friend in her natural dyeing process, eliminating the need for manual weighing of each … Read more


INSPIRATION CONCEPT Aqua REVIVAL, a smart irrigation system which monitors tank levels via water sensors, activates a pump to draw and filter greywater. This sustainable solution minimizes grid water usage, promoting responsible landscaping. The addition of a soil moisture sensor ensures optimal soil hydration for thriving landscapes. PSEUDOCODE This pseudocode activates the DC motor with … Read more


According to The Guardian, “just 5% of Nespresso pods are recycled”. Thus leading to “12,600 tonnesof Nespresso aluminium end up in landfill annually, enough for 60 Sta-tues of Liberty.” NesTrash project aims to solve the problem when it starts, in everibody’s home.A tool that can separate the aluminium from coffee residues, permitting to dispose each … Read more

AirFlow ClimateMate

Concept AirFlow ClimateMate is a responsive environmental control system, inspired by the principles of Origami and kinetic facades. It utilizes real-time data on air quality and temperature to intelligently regulate the movement of the façade, ensuring optimal indoor conditions. Inspired by the Origami and kinetic facade, this project endeavors to leverage real-time air quality and … Read more

Smart Operable Window

Operable windows have provided ventilation, light control and privacy for many years. And has been one of the Primary architectural components. However it has to operated manually in most Scenario and doesn’t have the smart function. This led to think about the smart operable window concept. Where a operable window, can be made to perform … Read more

Requiem for a Beat

Welcome to a realm where beats synchronize with lights, and the air dances to the rhythm of your celebration! In our innovative Rave House, we’ve engineered an immersive experience that goes beyond mere partying. With air quality sensors triggering a fan dance when things heat up and LEDs pulsating to the heartbeat of the music, … Read more

The Killing Time

A kinetic sculpture, blending art and design. A clock, tired to count the time. The Killing Time is a design object, created through the electronic programming of Arduino and the digital fabrication of laser cutting and 3D printing. It consists of semicircles in colored acrylic that rotate thanks to stepper motors, controlled by a PIR … Read more

Flood Control

Using  two primary sensors and  actuators, a flood control system could be composed. The  project’s intentions is to use water levels rising towards an ultrasonic sensor in order to initiate a servo motor that would essentially redirect water towards the soil moisture sensor thus activate a visual output ( a warning per se) through an … Read more


The increasing concern over indoor air quality has prompted the development of innovative solutions to create healthier living environments. In response to this, my Arduino project introduces a Smart Exhaust System designed to monitor and improve air quality. Utilizing the MQ 135 air quality sensor. CONCEPT The concept behind my Arduino-based Smart Exhaust System revolves … Read more


Concept Automatic feeder for stray cats In today’s world, homeless animals are often invisible in everyday life and often suffer from the harsh conditions of urban life. Such homeless animals in many cities are cats, which have always played an important role in people’s lives, having a positive impact on our health and emotional state.  … Read more


Harmonizing water treatment and thermal comfort to everyday living This project aligns with Design Studio G1, focusing on Metabolic smart prefabrication. The design concept challenges the incorporation of water treatment as a fundamental aspect of architecture and everyday living. The objective is to harmonize and repurpose water treatment into a thermal comfort system, integrating interactive … Read more

PupPlay Breeze

Using Ultrasonic Sensor and Water Level Detection Sensor to detect the various states of a dog at home, these are employed to control the operation of DC motor and Servo Motor concept All dogs around the world exhibit a dual nature; they’re incredibly joyful while playing outdoors with their owners but can feel immensely lonely … Read more