Let’s talk about random decision-making devices, a cool tool with many uses. Ever get stuck deciding? This device helps break that deadlock, offering clarity and moving things along. But it’s not just about making life simpler – it sparks creativity, pushing us beyond the usual options. Think of it like a compass for trying new things, nudging us out of comfort zones. Plus, it’s fair, giving each choice its shot. And hey, decision-making becomes a bit like a game – more fun, less stress. It’s like a buddy that adds a bit of spice to decisions, making things interesting and full of surprises.


This is a simple circuit that uses the Ultrasonic distance sensor and photoresistor to try and recreate a Magic 8-Ball.

The project uses an Arduino uno microcontroller to monitor the distance values from the ultrasonic sensor and light values from the photoresistor. 

When the values from the ultrasonic sensor becomes lower than the threshold value, a random value is printed on the LCD between 0 and 20. The generated value is then used as the index for the array that stores all the possible outcomes. Since indexing for arrays starts from 0, we generate numbers between 0 and 20.

The circuit is constructed using a LCD 16×2 display, an ultrasonic sensor, a photoresistor (light sensor) all controlled by the Arduino uno microcontroller.

Circuit diagram


The sensor values from the ultrasonic distance sensor activates the device if you get close to it. The LCD will display a message which reads “Analyzing…”. After a short delay, the LCD will display a random output from the string we have defined in the code.

If the photoresistor value goes above the normal, the LCD will display a message which reads “My eyes hurt!”



Future Applications

In the future, random decision-making devices could spice up creative brainstorming, help out with AI decisions, and bring unpredictability to gaming. Education might see them shaking up learning experiences, while social networks could use randomness to spark unexpected connections. Fitness and travel apps might create varied workouts and suggest unique destinations. Gaming narratives could get a personal touch, and in team situations, randomness could level the playing field. Cooking apps might surprise you with inventive recipes. Across the board, these devices promise a mix of surprise, creativity, and adaptability in different areas of our lives.

Demonstrative Video