Within the current global context of rapid change, integrated with the potentials of digital technologies, IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA) is committed to the generation of new ideas and applications for Urban Design, Self Sufficiency, Digital Manufacturing Techniques and Advanced Interaction.

In this context IAAC works with a multidisciplinary approach, facing the challenges posed by our environment and the future development of cities, architecture and buildings, through a virtuous combination of technology, biology, computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, pushing innovation beyond the boundaries of a more traditional architectural approach.

Optimum Illumination System

In the hustle and bustle of urban life, outdoor lighting has become an indispensable part of our daily landscape. However, the unintended consequences of excessive lighting, particularly at night, have taken a toll on the natural world. Migratory birds, nocturnal animals, and delicate insects such as fireflies have been adversely affected by the pervasive issue … Read more

Sensible Roof

Concept The Dynamic Proximity-Controlled Ceiling System is an innovative installation designed to create adaptable spaces by adjusting ceiling height based on human presence and proximity. It utilizes motion-sensing technology and a motorized mechanism to raise or lower the ceiling in real-time, providing an interactive and responsive environment. This project concept presents an innovative solution that … Read more

Adaptive Blossom Canopy

The Adaptive Blossom Canopy stands as a smart roofing system, tailored to address the challenges of hosting outdoor events in regions characterized by scorching temperatures and erratic rainfall. Drawing inspiration from the grace of nature, its design showcases a structural framework crafted with kinetic roofing panels mirroring the petals of a four-leaf flower. Employing Arduino … Read more


A urban hybrid between canopy and umbrella, that protects from the sun and collects rain water CONTEXT CONCEPT CODE STRATEGY DESIGN STRATEGIES BILL OF MATERIALS TINKER CAD SIMULATION PROTOTYPE VIDEO NEXT STEPS A next step would be to develop a more complex urban infrastructure composed of these modules that can cover a wide area of … Read more


Interactive Liminalities is an attempt to activate the sensory perception of human interaction in Liminal Spaces, which are transitional spaces, lacking a sense of connect and dialogue due to their functional nature. The idea is to stimulate the space through sensual anomalies. When a user transitions, the detection enabled through ultrasonic sensors, initiate a connection … Read more


Concept With so many alleyways in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, it is hard to know what is lurking behind each corner.  Sp-EYE, a detector made with Ultrasonic Distance Sensors allows you to peek around sharp corners alerting you to danger. The sensor works as an extension of your eyes to “see” around objects. . … Read more

StarWoman’s StarShield

StarWoman’s StarShield is a deployable and collapsible protective shield prototype imagined by the coolest up and coming superhero: StarWoman. StarShield can be worn as a wristwatch which detects proximity & smoke. As an enemy or criminal approaches, the shield expands inversely proportional to the proximity. Less Distance = More Shield Expansion. In the case an … Read more

Verdenlace – Kinetic shading structure

The idea is to used the design module which created in G2- Bio tech morphogenesis studio and make a adaptive shading structure using Programming & Physical Computing. Concept The Innovative algae panels integrated into structures enrich the surrounding air with oxygen through photosynthesis. Complementing this, kinetic shading devices dynamically adjust based on sunlight levels, efficiently … Read more

Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom, conceived as a forward-looking resource harvesting concept, addresses the escalating impact of climate change and extreme environmental conditions. This system harnesses solar power, collects rainwater, and, equipped with distance sensors, autonomously safeguards its resources. Inspired by nature, the design mimics a flower – opening its petals to capture sunlight and repositioning them during … Read more


MINE FUMES DETECTION & PIT DETECTION SYSTEM INTENTION To  Improve the safety infrastructure within mining environments through the implementation of advanced sensors. Specifically, employ a smoke sensor for the early detection of hazardous fumes and an ultrasonic sensor to identify potential dangers such as pits and uneven terrain. Common dangers in mines:  Gas and Fume … Read more


Concept KidsCross is a project invented in order to deal with a well known and severe problem around schools. Children are permitted to independently cross streets at the age of 9, and many of them walk to school without adult supervision. However, even though most schools are not situated on main roads, the path becomes … Read more

Juego de aire

Play of air CONCEPT ‘Juego de aireis’ The concept of this prototype is to optimize the temperature and quality of the air to a comfortable and safe state, The direction and speed of the fan’s rotation attached to a motor can make a significant impact on how it regulates the temperature and air quality of … Read more

Passive Indoor Environment for Better Cognitive Performance

ILLUMINATION Based on the amount of natural light entering different areas of the building, the intensity of artificial light changes for better circadian rhythm. TEMPERATURE CONTROL Comfortable indoor temperature of the building is controlled based on the outdoor temperatures. Fan automatically turns on if the temperature is too hot. AIR QUALITY If the indoor environment … Read more


The 3-axis robotic arm project represents an exploration into the realms of robotics, automation, and mechatronics. At its core, the project aims to develop a versatile and precise robotic arm system with three degrees of freedom. The initial prototype, equipped with servo motors as actuators and an Arduino as the central processing unit, demonstrates the … Read more


Vertical structure responsive to temperature changes CONCEPT The project proposes a vertical system that responds to temperature differences to visualize these changes interactively. Its main objective is to create diverse interactions with users through the response to temperature changes. The foundation of the system relies on the use of flexible membranes that expand and compress, … Read more

The Dancing Window

The Interactive Architectural Facade Concept The Interactive Proximity Window is a smart window system designed to respond to human presence. Integrated motion sensors detect when someone approaches or moves away from the window. When an individual comes close to the window, a series of mechanisms are triggered, causing the window to automatically slide rotate based … Read more