This project focuses on exploration of Singly/Doubly Curved Geometries  through combination of Topological Interlocking & Post-tensioning of Tetrahedral Local Geometries. The said Global Geometries are achieved through enclosed assemblages from the smallest number of discrete components; i.e. One(1) in the case of Doubly Curved Surfaces & Two(2) for Singly Curved Surfaces. 

Fitness Objectives

1.  Constant Curvature (Minimise)

  • Doubly Curved: At the moment, the assemblage relies on tetrahedral geometries that can topologically interlock to form continuous curvature. Hence the surfaces need to be optimised in order to achieve continuous curvature.
  • Singly Curved: Not required

2. Difference in Curvature (Minimise)

  • Between Global Geometry and Assemblage:  The Global constraint in this case is a closed brep, offset from the objective surface. As the offset is greater than the thickness of the assemblage, the curvature needs to be optimised to match the global geometry/constraint.

3. Difference in Volume (Minimise)

  • This objective is put in place to achieve assemblages that completely cover the extents of the Global Constraint.
  • The assemblage is allowed to grow beyond the Global Constraints by setting up Soft Constraint Boundaries in Wasp.
  • This objective however leads to a bias for larger local geometries.

4. Count (Maximise)

  • The Bias for Larger Local Geometries is kept in check by maximising the count of part geometries in the assemblage.

Gene Description

1.  Local Geometry: Tetrahedron(s)

  1. wlc_Length:  of Rectangle
  2. wlc_Width:  of Rectangle
  3. wlc_Angle Ratio: i.e. Ratio between length of opposite rectangles

2. Global Geometry

  1. wlc_Point of Evaluation: for curvature 
  2. wlc_Amplitude of Curvature

3.  Starting Part

  1. wlc_x:  position of starting part
  2. wlc_z:  position of starting part
  3. wlc_angle: of starting position

4. Single/double Curvature Switch

  1. wlc_Part Handle Rotator: to align handles of Tetrahedron
  2. wlc_Single or Double Switch: Rotates the block by pi allowing a switch between singly or doubly curved assemblages