Mixed use pavilion with dominant cultural function. Cultural venue Barcelona Cloud.  

Envisioned constraints: not less than 1/10 for public spaces on the North and South, permeable transit corridors the ground level for large groups of pedestrians, solar envelope by summer solstice and average height of neighborhood buildings restrict height and shape the shadowing canopy, trees around around the cite shape setback of the envelope.

Structure of pavilion – grid of thin metal columns supporting canopy roof and inclined corridors from CLT. 

Indoor structure is flexible and changeable for different programs. Average program duration – 3 to 6 months. Programs to be defined by a team of the cultural venue. Transit human flows are the part of interior and the subject of change by every program. Main purpose – interactive installations of modern art using fog, light, nature and sound.

design process scheme

Magnetic field generation. Scenario 1

Magnetic field generation. Scenario 2

Magnetic field: painting the terrain

Potential connection points

Using the points from the terrain to generate the structure.

Rebuild canopy

Rebuild canopy from the upper surfaces of the envelope using selected anchor points, interpolation and ruled surface.

Structure design

Tensile cloud installation development. Option 1

Using outline of columns and atrium create pillow from mesh by Kangaroo, create a hole in mesh by culling mesh faces by center points and points in curves.

Tensile cloud installation development. Option 2

Balloons with helium go up from the ground and catched up with the cloud.

Assembled design