Augmented reality fabrication protocol for linkage networks

CatenARy is an innovative project that aims to create a highly interactive and immersive design experience, allowing users to visualize and manipulate complex linkage networks in tree-dimensional space. The system also incorporates a fabrication protocol that streamlines the manufacturing process, reducing material waste and improving the overall efficiency of the construction process. The project will leverage the power of Unity to create a digital replica of the Gaudi‘s famous catenary arches, which can be overlaid on the real-world environment using HoloLens.


The catenary model of Sagrada Familia refers to the structural system that Antoni Gaudi used in the design of the basilica. The structural system consists of a series of inclined columns and catenary arches that form a self-supporting structure.

The catenary arches in the Sagrada Familia are constructed using a form-finding technique that involves hanging chains between two points and then tracing the shape of the curve created by the hanging chains. This process results in a natural curve that is strong and self-supporting, as the curve’s shape is the result of the chain’s weight being evenly distributed along its length.

The catenary model of Sagrada Familia is a prime example of Gaudi’s innovative approach to architecture, and the use of catenary arches in the basilica remains one of its most distinctive and iconic features.