Collaborative Workflow in architectural firms specially for designing Medical Centers is crucial for delivering successful projects that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients. That’s why a clear communication channels should be established from the beginning of the project. This includes setting up regular meetings, assigning specific roles and responsibilities to team members, and establishing a communication plan for project updates and changes.

Encourage cross-functional collaboration by bringing together experts from different departments within the firm, such as architecture, interior design, engineering, and construction. This can help to identify potential issues and ensure that all aspects of the project are considered.

There are many collaborative software options available that can help to streamline the workflow, improve communication, and increase transparency. Some popular options include BIM 360, Asana, Trello, and Slack. However, because of the climate condition and circumstances in Mars, architects and construction team are going to face with various barriers and to resolve these issues, our team proposed an application that can facilitate the communication between stakeholders.


Concept Design

our aim is to build a modular and adaptable medical center on Mars

Theory & Research

In this stage, each group did their own study on Mars planet and specified which program is interested to focus on. Group 06 found out that the designing Medical Center is in their specialities. Therefore, they came up with an idea of designing a medical center for 50 to 300 beds that can be expandable for future population. In this stage, all four team members specify their own roll during the design and construction process.

Conceptual Design Phase

In Conceptual Design phase, architects, structure and MEP engineers will start working on conceptual design and developing structure and MEP details. All three group needs to develop their own infrastructure and design team and specify how these engineers work with together to share all data and concept design ideas.

Design Development

In design development section, we specify how to create the geometries via design analysis and 3d modelling process. In all stages Architects are working at the same time with structure and MEP engineers to make sure that everything is on the right track. All stakeholders will share their technical drawings via Speckle, IFC which can be readable by Revit Architecture, structure, MEP and also softwares like Rhino and Grasshopper.

Construction Drawings and Documentation

In this stage, we divided drawings and documentation process to three group. Technology, Process and Policy. In the Technical process we specify the software tools, how to access data, setting up collaboration server protocols and create project structure. In Process section, we’re going to identify BIM deliveries, hoe to modify BIM objects and establish model access and file sharing rules. In the last, in the Policy section, we will establish modelling standards, rules and responsibilities.

App Proposal: DS (Drone Studio)

Problem Statement:

In many large project communications between stakeholders are very difficult and due to climate conditions in Mars Planet checking the construction process in different stages are very limited and cost effective, especially building a medical center in Mars via 3D printers and that needs to be monitored in every stage of constructions.


Our team came up with an idea to design and implement an application that can be used by drone to monitor the construction process. Through this way, the structure engineer and architect can monitor the construction process via AR/MR technology in drone which can read all technical drawings and can align those drawings with real time videos and images.

In the following workflow we demonstrated how to use DS (Drone Studio) to monitor the construction process and checking the detail of the project using AR/MR technology. Instead of sending engineers to the site physically, we’re going to use drone to monitor the construction process and above all via DS application, we can merge technical drawings with the video and images that is recording in every moment by drone. Therefore, we can protect engineers and architects from high radiation exposure in Mars and monitor all stages of construction via DR technology.

As you can see, with implementing the DS application on softwares like VisualLive, Enscape, Tremble, we can merge technical drawings and also monitor every stage of construction process to make sure that there is no technical issues with 3D printers.