Credits: ShapeDiver


In recent years, the quality of architectural design has been insightfully improved by the use of innovative techniques in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, as well as the advancement of digital fabrication. Computational design, in general, and parametric design, in particular, allow endless possibilities to be explored during design conception. However, the designer often discards most of them, which could be valid for other projects, situations, or users. This is where ShapeDiver can play an essential and differential role, focusing on getting the most out of the same algorithm and turning it into an online configurator. From now on, different users can interact with a generic design and customize it based on their needs in a matter of seconds.

The course’s main objective is to promote and boost the creation of cloud applications in the architectural field by teaching the ShapeDiver plugin through practical exercises. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to learn new project visualization and communication methods, manage data efficiently, interoperate with other software, optimize their definitions and even propose new workflows/business models.


Learning Objectives

At course completion, the student will: 

  • Create their online application and use the power of AR to quickly and efficiently communicate their design. 
  • Control online rendering parameters that will boost the visual quality of the project.
  •  Optimize the grasshopper definition and manage data efficiently through JSON objects. 
  • Display interactive visual analyses of designs on data that has been previously extracted from other plugins like Ladybug or Karamba.
  • Extract data and download files from the application (For example, 3D Model, CAD files, etc.), assign and display attributes to the geometry, generate files for manufacturing, and produce parametric PDF technical documentation.


Projects from this course

Parametric Auditorium Facade

The project designs the angular wall surface of the auditorium to ensure a completely even distribution of sound. Using the given parameters, the design and material specifics can be modified. Link to the blog : Parametric Auditorium Facade is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the MAA02 2021/22 … Read more

Klimatile – Shape Diver

The project was developed in order to give access to the customers more control over what kind patterns, what kind of size, depth of grooves and many other features to have the exact estimate of size shape and design they want.


The project was about designing different geometries and their respective infill designs for interlocking bricks made from a Sawdust based bio composite material. The interlocking strategy would be dependent on the final design of the structure. The parameters set on the Shape Diver platform would allow the user to control the size of the bricks, … Read more

Shapediver: Background Fabric

This project used shapediver imputting mechanism to create mass background fabric structures for the use in a design project. It has flexible imputs of different base building outlines that simulates different units within the desired building block. At the point the project is still encountering diffculty with uploading to Shapediver, it will be solved in … Read more

forkLOAD Tessellations

forkLOAD Tessellations aims to utilize Shapediver to create a visualization software for clients to select a variety of parameters on a dome structure. This dome structure is created with a tessellating pattern of hegagons and squares. The user is able to select from a variety of scales of patterns, shape of arch, and a variety … Read more

Shape Driver Chair

ShapeDiver is an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online. This project is aimed at creating a chair in shape diver platform where the users can customize the design and size by using the provided parameters like The Size of the Seat, The Material Thickness, the Chair’s Width etc., however, they like. are.

Shape scribe

The Shapediver platform in my project offers the ability to personalize the modules you wish to 3D print. Currently, this is in line with my thesis that focuses on the 3D printing of biomaterials for application in columns and modular walls. with a specific emphasis on columns, With this platform, you have the flexibility to … Read more

Panelization Design

ShapeDiver is an online platform which allows one to share and interact with Grasshopper files online. The core objective was o bring the grasshopper interface to the everyday user in an easy to understand method where they can interract with it and modify designs according to their requirements. By adjusting the size of the panels, … Read more

ALGOSurfboards: how design drives performance

Over the last decade, the surf industry has been rapidly expanding, as an increasing number of people worldwide are embracing the sport. However, despite the rising demand, traditional surfboard design approaches have yet to fully embrace the potential of tailored equipment that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of individual surfers. As a … Read more

Shape Diver // Digital Heritage

Create a design interface where you can visualize columns from gothic, islamic and neoclassical styles, translated into a contemporary proposal that can be fabricated using additive manufacturing with concrete. Using JSON files to work with predetermined parameters which allow the files to load faster in the Shape Diver platform. follow this link to Shape Diver: … Read more

ShapeDiver for Sugarcane Proximity

ShapeDiver is an online platform which allows one to share and interact with Grasshopper files online. The objective was to utilize the platform to demonstrate the proximity network of sugarcane fields in the South African context, which is the central theme of my thesis. To achieve this, I obtained the gradient field data of the … Read more

ShapeDiver for Panton Chair

ShapeDiver is an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online. This project is aimed at creating a pantong chair in shapediver platform where the users, partners, clients, or other non-technical stakeholders can customize the design by using the provided parameters like The Size of Seat, The Material Thickness, the Chair’s Width or … Read more