Projects from this course


The project is intrigued by the comparison between human thinking and machine learning, particularly in understanding the distinctions between lived experience and acquired memory. To explore learned memory, we focus on Klara, an artificial friend from the book “Klara and the Sun.” Klara, a solar-powered robot, assists a sick child and possesses the ability to … Read more

Exploring the Consciousness of the AI Artist:

A Journey into Creative Expression What is consciousness? “Consciousness” is a term used to describe the state of awareness or subjective experience of an individual. It is the ability to perceive, think, and have self-awareness. While consciousness is a complex phenomenon that is still not fully understood, it is generally associated with the functioning of … Read more


CONCEPT The topicality of consciousness in relation to this project lies in the exploration of the human psyche. By assigning angelic and demonic personas to participants based on their personality scores, the project delves into the duality of human nature. It highlights how different aspects of consciousness, can shape one’s choices and actions. Through the … Read more

The Consciousness of Tiredness

A short movie on AI workforce and its labor rights. Consciousness is a very human related state which subtly implies being aware of existing. From futurism movement at the beginning of last century we have been imagining our lives with the extraordinary powers of machines. We thought how our lives would be easier with technology … Read more