This module will teach the students the basics of energy and power within the buildings and which systems are involved. The students will learn about user profiles of energy consumption and they will create their own user case for their projects. There will be strong emphasis on the design of photovoltaic installations and their principles. In addition, students will learn about the space considerations and basics for electricity and energy within the building and new tendencies on the market for smart buildings, micro grids and district energy.


Projects from this course

DZONGHA | Metabolic Building Systems : Energy

Shruti Sahasrabudhe, Larsen Bidstrup, Nishanth Maheshwaran, Jacek Antoni KostrzewaMASTER IN ADVANCED ECOLOGICAL BUILDINGS AND BIOCITIES, 2022-2023, IAAC To align with overarching sustainability values of the project, we approached the energy design module with intentions to reduce carbon footprint and improve self-sufficiency. Sunny Design software was used with climate date of Paro, Bhutan to help us … Read more

THE NEST | Metabolic Systems: Energy

With the design of the Nest, the idea is to best utilise renewable energy to offset the electric loads in the building. The goal is to use photovoltaic cells on the roofs of the building and design the structure to be as self-sufficient as possible. CLIMATE ANALYSIS: ENERGY CONSUMPTION: DESIGN ANALYSIS FOR SOLAR ENERGY: To … Read more