The task is to apply the logic of natural phenomena to architectural scale.

Considering the hexagonal extrusions that were developed on the Kangaroo surface, Its been decided to do a pavilion with climate responsive facade system.

When I took another look on what kind of responsive system i should go for, I’ve found out that currently in Barcelona there is a fast developing net of heat shelters as the heat waves are getting worse each year.

Saying that, it’s been decided to to a heat shelter that would cover as much surface as it’s possible in existed context.

Potentially, such pavilion may be used as a marketplace, exhibition space or a cultural space.

Previous assignment

I chose this place in Saint Marti because of its great potential of turning into a good public space. Located in the cozy neighborhood and occupying the whole urban block, it is still empty and not popular with locals. At the same time, the main part of this place is exposed to the sun and not used, as there is no infrastructural elements.

Site location


1. Definition of the site borders
2. Definition of  functions and needed areas, then using Galapagos optimise the footprint of the building
3. Creation of the volume with the help of Kangaroo
4. Creation of hexagonal cells on the surface using Triremesh and Weaverbord
5. Hexagonal extrusion using the scaling factor based on locations of several attractor points in the centers of base hexagonal cells
6. Optimisation of the heights and openings according using Ladybug and Galapagos

Pavilion’s footprint optimisation (base surface)

This optimisation took the most time. The rule was to occupy the maximum area inside of the defined border, keeping all seven radiuses intersected to have solid volume.

The fitness value was the area of the base surface, the genomes were the points coordinates and circles’ radiuses.

Crystals” optimization

The second optimization goal was to minimize the radiation on the base surface.

To reduce the amount of the calculation and to enhance the design, the logic was to connect the height and openings of the extrusions to 3 attractor points, that were calculated by Galapagos. Saying so, the fitness input was the total radiation of the base surface, and genomes were the central points of the hexagons on the Kangaroo surface.