Atacama Cultural center

The music performance and cultural center located in Colchane will act as a bridge. The center contains both music performance and recording spaces, as well as textile production capabilities. This allows shared use of the space to maximize utility for the community, to encourage cross-generational interaction, and allow the Aymara people to grow and share … Read more

Kinect Surfaces (Light and Sound)

State of the Art In recent decades, kinetic facades have surfaced as innovative architectural elements, offering alternative building envelopes tailored to address escalating and intricate demands related to user comfort, energy consumption, and cost efficiency. Various articulations of this concept have been advanced, encompassing approaches that span from the integration of inventive components to the … Read more


At the request of STORE STORE in London, we developed a proposal for a timber structure roof for an existing garage located specifically in Clissold Crescent, Hackney. The objective is to transform the space into a workshop. The project presented a unique challenge as it is planned in phases, necessitating a demountable design that can … Read more

Paint Detection

Our project began with an engaging challenge: to digitally map the future home of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) using cutting-edge technology. We harnessed photogrammetry, a method that transforms a series of photos into a comprehensive 3D model, using both drones and smartphones to capture the images. This technique allowed us to … Read more

Truss and Roof Health

ROBOTIC SOLUTIONS FOR 3D SPACE ANALYSIS AIM This workshop ran in collaboration with Noumena and IAAC where we were introduced to a environmental scanning and data processing workflows which combined the use of photogrammetry and point-cloud data. The site of the study was at IAAC’s new building which is yet to be constructed. From this … Read more

Object Database Creation Automation

State of the Art Raw Timber and AEC Industry Wood waste is often disregarded in the wood industry and the construction industry. Majority of wood used in construction is sawn and processed wood that not only generates waste on its production but it is also associated with high CO2 emissions, because of the embodied energy … Read more

Formfinding for Wildlife museum

The concept basically underlines the spatial arrangement of the museum. The path starts from the narrow entrance, leads to the main exhibition place with wide surface area and multifloor level. Further, the exhibition space has a large opening which faces the whole structure. The computational flow starts from assigning a polyline which illustrates the flow. … Read more

Timber Lattice System – A Tale of Cairo’s Rooftops

This research aims to explore the application of timber lattice systems on roofs in Cairo, Egypt. Before delving into the project itself, a thorough review of relevant references was essential for a better understanding of the system. The building analyzed was the Sunny Hills Cake Shop, designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates. Characterized by a … Read more

A Computational Design Odyssey

As a designer in today’s world, you need to stay on the cutting edge of technology to remain competitive. One essential skill is learning parametric design tools like Grasshopper to create complex geometries and forms. Grasshopper is a visual programming language that enables computational design. With Grasshopper, you can generate intricate patterns, optimized structures, and … Read more

Timber Kagome Structure

Kagome Timber Structure

We investigated the Nine Bridges Country Club by Shigeru Ban as a case study project and found appropiate similarites within the Kagome pattern manifested in Thai culture predominantly in the weavings of carriers and baskets. The site we are investigating is an abandoned Railway Network Factory and is located at the next to Makkasan Airport … Read more

Timber Weaving

Reference Project: Our research included several realized projects that are characterized by their innovative timber constructions: For our project we aimed to unite the monolithic integrity of the mosque and the clubhouse with the free forms of the Centre Pompidou to create a unique architectural identity. Project DescriptionWe decided on a project in İskenderun, Turkey. … Read more

Architectural explorations of dendriforms

Concept From historic times, dendridorms have been used as architectural inspiration. At first, they were just used for aesthetics, but soon they were used as a prototype of biomimicry. Our study is based on one of such examples, where the biomechanics principles of minimizing energy expenditure have been used to minimize the path of load transfer, … Read more

Voxelization via Truncated Tetrahedrons

The design concept is born from the path of exploration, which starts at the terrain, fluctuates on the site and lake, and ends at the terrain again. Along the path, the program nodes act as attractor points to the path, and allow the user the explore the nature. The program starts with the entrance, auditorium, … Read more

“Timber Narratives”

Aim To develop a modular system for seamless automated assembly and disassembly, specifically tailored for the reclamation and repurposing of planar, semi-standardized waste materials ,and also to foster circularity by maximizing resource efficiency and ensuring a sustainable end-of-life use for products within the system. Context State of the art Methodology Assembly and disassembly process by … Read more

Clay Virtuoso

How might we improve clay 3D printing by integrating automated post-processing techniques and hybrid workflows?Our goal is to implement craftsmanship techniques to robotic processes to elevate surface finishes & improve dimensional accuracy to create new opportunities for the mass customization of clay. Introducing our project Clay Virtuoso. Our project focuses on how might we enhance … Read more

Modular Bamboo

Cusco Social Housing I Peru Bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable material, is often used in various construction applications due to its strength, durability, and sustainability. In a modular context, we are especially interested in creating a multiple-floor building with stacked bamboo structure. We focus on creating a building system which can be prefabricated and assembled … Read more

Ascending Gallery

Ascending Gallery is a Wildlife conservation Museum to raise awareness about wild animal species extinction. This project is a dedicated exploration of mathematical surfaces within architecture, emphasizing their integration into natural landscapes. Set in the beautiful natural setting in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy that served as a profound inspiration, the project delves into the intricate geometry … Read more

Inverting the Guggenheim – A wildlife museum

Drawing inspiration from our site’s location in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy, our concept revolves around crafting a continuous journey that symbolizes history through the exhibition spaces. This approach fosters a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding context, effectively erasing the boundaries between the interior and exterior environments by bringing nature into the space. Our computational methodology can … Read more


Aim Our objective is to construct a wall with an emphasis on maximizing the utilization of construction and demolition waste, thereby minimizing landfill contributions. This will be achieved by incorporating a sustainable binder through advanced robotic processes. Context Construction and demolition waste accounts around 30% of waste generated in Europe, making it the heaviest and … Read more

Hygroscopic Vaults

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural innovation, the exploration of materials and construction techniques plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable and efficient structures. This presentation delves into the fascinating realm of hygroscopic vaults, examining the transformative potential of wood in response to varying moisture content. Through an in-depth analysis of the hygroscopic behavior of … Read more

Minimal Surface Timber Gridshell – Studio

Building Typology Our project focuses on exploring the opportunities and limitations when designing a timber gridshell system with a minimal surface roof structure. Minimal surfaces have a long history in mathematics and architecture, most notably Frei Otto and the infamous soap film experiments. Inspired by Otto’s Munich Olympic Stadium, we were interested to understand how … Read more

Advanced digital tools

1. Table The main goal of this assignment was to get familiar with the basic commands of the grasshopper and create variations of the principal design. All the solids created derive from the same coordinate points, differing only in the way they were manipulated in order to generate the table base. Starting from five points, … Read more

Unfolding Effortless Creation

Through Advanced Digital Tool Advanced Digital Tool course has been a great eye opening. During this course, I acquired comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in utilizing the parametric software Grasshopper for computational design. Throughout the duration of the classes, our focus was on mastering the practical application of these parametric design tools. By integrating the … Read more