Source: Rafael Gamo, Batlle & Roig Architects, and Moller Architects


Fincube is an app prototype that aims to analyse the facade fins or louvers as a means of sun-shading protection. The app analyses solar radiation on a cube’s four vertical faces, which represent the four facade orientations of a building. Fincube allows users to adjust the cube orientation, location, and louver design to assess their performance under different scenarios. By doing so, the app empowers users to make informed decisions about the optimal louver design and placement for their building, thus maximizing its energy efficiency and sustainability.


The app was created using Vue, a popular JavaScript framework. Since most of the students were beginners in programming, we were provided with a Vue template to work with. We were able to customize and create our own components to match our design objectives.

The cube’s geometry was modeled in Grasshopper, while Ladybug was used for the solar radiation analysis. We utilized the Hops component for testing to ensure that our Grasshopper definition worked in Rhino Compute.

The App

The app interface consists of a square window displaying the cube prototype, which users can rotate and orbit using their mouse. On the left of the window, there is a box containing a brief description of the app and a dropdown menu where users can select from multiple locations where my classmates are based.

The interface also includes five toggles that allow users to adjust the cube’s position and the louvers’ design to their desired specifications. At the bottom of the interface, users can view the annual radiation values per facade for different design options. Additionally, a color map legend is provided to help users understand the annual values in kwh/m2 and threshold values and what values are acceptable for their facade design.

Overall, the app interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it an effective tool for architects and designers to explore and compare different sun shading protection designs. With this app, users can make data-driven decisions that maximize energy efficiency and sustainability in their building designs.