“Arachnid Maze”


The aim of the design was to create a recreational space on the rooftop of the main IAAC. The intention was to design a “spider net” inspired by testing materials that included hair, bones, spider webs, and seashells. We simulated our design via physics simulation springs that are able to hold multi combinations of intersection pipes that are transformed at fabric net.

“By directly testing materials that included hair, bones, spider webs and seashells,
Otto looked for structures that corresponded to what can be described as an architecture before humans.
At an historical moment in which modernist narratives of progress
and the domination of nature came increasingly under question,
Otto sought alternative means to construct the development and history of form”

Form Finding: Logic of the Connections
Form Finding: Basic Geometry
Catalogue of Iterations: Testing tension
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Constructive System_Catalogue