“Do electronic ‘cats’ dream of bluetooth mouse?”

Just like a pet cat, it will run around in random directions around your house and also away from you.

But this is not a cat. It’s a small ‘robotic’ pet that will keep you company and not get bored. Unlike a cat, it won’t run into things nor make random sounds at strange hours of the day. It doesn’t need to be fed either (except going through 9V batteries like it’s been starved for days).

It won’t keep you up at night like a cat but it will keep you company and provide mindless entertainment whenever you switch it on.

Next steps(?)..

Maybe make it more like an actual cat; add some speakers, touch capacitive sensors to respond to touch.

Anything can be added actually. Add a bluetooth module so you could control it from your phone. Or perhaps just let it enjoy its freedom.

Maybe IR sensors so that it could track and follow you just like a cat would. Or run away from you.

Endless potentials, endless possibilities (as long as there’s space on the breadboard and enough 9V batteries)..

Maybe let it dream, let it chase a bluetooth mouse..