We were assigned to recreate the Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by Francis Kéré, which consists of three main architectural elements: structure, roof and envelope. Each of us was responsible for one of the elements that were homologue and harmonious when assembled together in a final code. 

We applied what we’ve learned from this Computational Design course to create a parametric design using one point as the changing parameter for the structure, roof and envelope. Our main purpose was to manipulate a single point and reach different results in the three architectural elements.

What We’ve Learned from the Reference

Apply to Our Design


We decided to play with weather in our design. We chose the sun path as our variation, and as the sun moved, the three architectural elements changed accordingly.

Code Explanation

  • Overall Code

  • Sun Path

  • Base Surface of Roof & Structure

  • Upper Structure

  • Lower Structure

  • Roof
  • Envelope