Public spaces in a city, such as pathways and non-constructible parcels, are not utilized to their full potential. As a result, they create voids and detachment of citizens from their city and do not provide any meaningful benefits to the community. By using machine learning algorithms as a tool for a public organization to identify patterns in the data, we can cluster parcels and POIs based on their characteristics and proximity to each other. This will help us to identify the optimal combination of nearby amenities that would attract community use and enhance the appeal of underutilized parcels. Ultimately, this approach can help to revitalize the community by creating more opportunities for public service and increasing the overall value of these public spaces.

The focus of POCKETHUB – Beirut

POCKETHUB is an initiative to encourage participatory data-driven urban design. The target is non-constructible parcels in various neighborhoods around the capital. Using non-constructible parcels will help in multiple fields and optimize the quality of life, using these spaces to generate temporary events or spaces can help in the micro-economy of the space, as well as shaping more integrity of the residents in shaping their city, to tackle the urban heat island effects, for productivity around in the green infrastructure, cultural events.

POCKETHUB is a platform helping to connect people and citizens to shape a better future.

Beirut non-constructible parcels Data

taking in the proximity factor of the parcels in a 250 to 500 meters radius POI as references to be able to activate the parcels in the most efficient way. This case will the parcels to be activated and help the neighborhood and business to profit from the parcels as it can promote or boost the business as well as create more footfall in the neighborhood.

the objective of the platform is to identify non-constructible parcels around the city, locate them, and propose a beneficial activation project depending on the proximity factor and the neighborhood residents’ approach. This will create a voting system to choose the best approach and different party collaboration to make it happen.

Platform video of choosing and locating parcels