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Introduction to Neumatic Colloids Nematic colloids are materials with perpendicular surface anchoring embedded in planar nematic liquid crystal (NLC) cells. Topological defects, such as point defects and disclination lines, are a necessary consequence of broken symmetry in the system. In nematic liquid crystals (NLCs), defects manifest as isolated points and disclination lines, which can form … Read more

The Future of Sensor

Team member(s): Sebastiyanraj Arockiam MichaelrajModified by Sebastiyanraj Arockiam Michaelraj on December 7, 2023 The system to save a Human life “Welcome to “The Future of Sensor”, a platform dedicated to examining the instrumental role of sensor technology in protecting individuals from self-inflicted harm. In our contemporary, high-speed society, the escalating stress levels, especially among younger demographics, emphasize the critical … Read more


How to imagine Walter Benjamin’s notion of Aura in the field of NFT art? In the heart of Barcelona, the Moco Museum hosts a groundbreaking NFT art auction, igniting a heated debate about the concept of aura in the digital realm. Dr. Alexandra, a nostalgic art curator, Leo, a proud copycat artist, Max, a wealthy … Read more