The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.



Heat is a form of energy that can be transferred between objects or systems due to a temperature difference. It is a manifestation of the internal energy of a substance or a system, resulting in the motion of its constituent particles. Heat can be transferred through three main mechanisms Phase 1_Device How can we control … Read more


Posidonia Oceanica: The Aquatic Seagrass Species Posidonia oceanica is a species of aquatic seagrass that belongs to the Posidoniaceae family. It possesses roots, a rhizomatous stem, and ribbon-like leaves, resembling those of terrestrial plants. These features allow it to anchor itself to the seabed and spread horizontally, forming extensive meadows in the Mediterranean Sea. These … Read more


Waterpixels is a project challenging the traditional approach towards urban futures. It is a project located in Lynetteholm, Copenhagen. Taking into consideration the urban strategies and site analysis the project pertains to the current requirements of a storm barrier in Copenhagen. The following sheets show the process leading to the project. The followings sheets show … Read more

Δίας 365

Phenomena analyzed: Lightning From the mythological Prometheus until the middle of the 18th century, the phenomenon of lightning remained an unsolved riddle. In 1749 Benjamin Franklin detailed in his diary the resemblance between an electric spark and lightning: both emit light of the same color, and both have a winding trajectory and rapid motion. Both … Read more

Design with Nature – Ian McHarg

Design with Nature by Ian McHarg is a seminal book published in 1969 that revolutionized the field of landscape architecture and urban planning. The book argues that the natural environment should be the primary consideration in any design process, and that the best designs are those that work with, rather than against, nature. McHarg begins … Read more

Forces of Nature

HYPERBOLIC PARABOLOID ROOF This research project in the field of architecture aims to investigate the application of physics simulations in the form-finding process of designing live-interactive installations using Kangaroo, located in IAAC’s rooftop. The design strategy is creating a simple geometry based on forces in compression and tension on different points. The pavilion’s sail-like plane … Read more


The aim of this project is to create a workflow which would help in in the preliminary analysis of physical and materialistic damage using computer vision to enhance sight and successfully pinpoint the defects that can be seen by the camera. The Construction industry follows a very linear approach in terms of usage of materials … Read more

Fibra Terra

Posidonia Oceanica In the Mediterranean, most plant debris is made up of the species Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile, asuperior plant that is endemic to this sea. It forms extensive meadows from the shallowest areas of the coast to variable depths, depending on how deep light can penetrate the water to enable photosynthesis to take place. … Read more

Slow the Flow

Vallcarca Cane Park Manifesto The Vallcarca Cane Park is an urban farm aimed towards reconnecting the diverse set of communities that make up its surrounding neighborhood. Located in an urban void north of the Ronda de Dalt, our structure is built using cane, a vernacular material, and traditional fabrication methods such as active bending. The … Read more

The Seed

Montjuïc 41.361119  2.141984 Manifesto The project strives to oppose the pressing environmental and socio-economic issues of the neighborhood through civic participation and community-led activities. Furthermore, the project is planned to morph into an activity magnet that engages the community and works as an energy efficient module for sustainable ecosystems to replace the urban voids in … Read more

Soil Moisture and Light Alarm

Goal The aim of this project is to grow the plants with no worries regarding the light or water.This is how the procedure is being done;Soil Moisture receives the data based on the code applied on Arduino UNO board. If the moisture is not enough the buzzer would reacts and rings to alert.Addition to this, … Read more


Adaptive facade

CONCEPT The system consists in creating a facade that moves according to the sunlight. The components of the facade turn with the effect of a motor that is activated according to the environment. An example of an application would be a building in the shape of a bar, having wider sides with east and west … Read more