The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Procedural Morphologies

Leveraging the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for Application on Layered Quadrilateral Meshes Abstract Procedural Morphologies is a novel computational design workflow in the field of discrete design. It leverages the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for application on any quadrilateral mesh. Thus a coherent three-dimensional aggregation solution can be generated for any quad mesh using a … Read more

Digital Deconstruct

Algorithmic Design II – Term 1 Standardizing a kit of parts within a local neighborhood has potential to encourage a circular system of material exchange and allow for deconstruction of buildings rather than demolition. This research aims to design a discrete modelling framework focused on generating spaces that can be assembled and disassembled into various … Read more


Framework The CoP-CITIES is put forward to foster the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders, from ‘traditional’ ones to urban communities. In combination with top-down approach to urban policy, co-creation gives citizens, local officials, researchers and the private sector an equal say in the decision-making process. Fundamentally, the CoP-CITIES aims to be instrumental for … Read more

Game 0ver

Concept The goal I set for myself was to create a little Mini-Game on the 8×8 Matrix display that is controlled with a joystick. Inspired by classics like Tetris, the goal is to move a seemingly falling point into the gap that randomly generates at the bottom of the display. After each successful iteration the … Read more