The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Slime Molds Simulation

Natural Behavior This exercise focuses on exploring and understanding the behavior of Physarum polycephalum, a slime mold organism, through digital simulations. Different configurations and parameters will be investigated to observe how they affect the movement, reproduction, and growth of this organism. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions of Physarum polycephalum … Read more

Desktop FAN-Tasy

“A futuristic, yet, simple approach to cooling down…” Concept While working in the office in the terrible heat of the summer, the air conditioner was rapidly cooling the small room and we had to constantly turn it on and off. For this reason, I bought a desktop fan, but to turn it on, I had … Read more

Luminous Echoes Prototype

Movement, light and sound are the 3 essential elements that compose this project. Having in mind the importance and exponential potential of technology in art, “Luminous Echoes” explores the interplay between these elements as an interactive art installation. The installation consists of a darkened room, that when detected presence is lightened by a responsive pattern … Read more


This project seeks to radically challenge the Lynetteholm proposal that is underway on the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark. Going against the grain of theoriginal Lynetteholm proposal (an artificial island), this project displays the possibility of minimal impact instead of detrimental impact on the ocean-scape and lightness instead of the heaviness of a human-made island through … Read more

UrbanCork: Paving Green Futures

At UrbanCork, we are a passionate team of four young individuals from Barcelona and Stuttgart, united by a shared vision of creating sustainable solutions for urban environments. We are committed to transforming cities into more liveable, eco-friendly spaces from car-centric to people-friendly cities.  Our focus is on developing innovative cork tiles that not only enhance … Read more


THE FUTURE OF PARKING In this one-term seminar of Decarbonise built environment the main goal was to develop carbon-capturing strategies and study how can we shift to renewable energies. In this particular project, Barcelona city was taken as a built environment, and based on that we developed urban planning strategies and parking design strategies. COSMOGRAM … Read more

Mobile ‘illithea’

“Do electronic ‘cats’ dream of bluetooth mouse?” Just like a pet cat, it will run around in random directions around your house and also away from you. But this is not a cat. It’s a small ‘robotic’ pet that will keep you company and not get bored. Unlike a cat, it won’t run into things … Read more


Safety Detectors on Helmets for Motorcyclists, Bikers and Skaters. The Smart Helmets aim at providing Safety to Motorcyclists, Bikers and even Skaters, to avoid crashing into a car or any object by detecting the distance of the object and light intensity from cars or other vehicles and alerting the rider with the help of buzzers … Read more

Security key

This project remakes simply key passcode for the door locks. You should type the correct password and the lock will open. If entered the wrong password 5 times,  it will give an Alarm sound. Then have to press the # button to reset the password. Main code