The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Controlled Creativity

Empowering Architectural Design with AI Diffusion This research explores the use of ControlNet with Stable Diffusion to enhance architects’ control over AI generated designs made by diffusion models. The objective is to expand the creative scope in architecture and transform the perception of AI from a potential threat into an opportunity for innovation and increased … Read more

Genetic Optimization: DIAS 365

Manifest A monolithic tower structure which is exposed to lightning and attracts their immense energy. The aim of the project is to harvest and invest their electric potential into a structure which will be sheltered and protected to allow visitors to live in. The skin of the building will be lightning-based: the high voltage discharges … Read more

Genetic Optimization

Genetic Optimization – Aquasun Oasis AquaSun Oasis is a continuation proposal for the digital matters research studio project which focuses on rainwater purification through biodegradable materials. The design of the form is based on rainwater collection and renewable solar energy while providing shade to the surroundings. The is to create a sustainable solution to conserve … Read more


Revolutionizing Architectural Animation with AI ArchiMationAI is revolutionizing the architectural animation industry by providing AI video visualization for architectural projects. By transforming the way architecture is presented and marketed, our solution caters to the needs of architects, real estate developers, and designers who seek to create visually engaging content that stands out in today’s highly … Read more

Democratizing Architectural Design: A Participatory Approach through AI

The democratization of the design process through artificial intelligence is the focus of my Master’s thesis. Recent advancements in AI have revolutionized the field of architecture by making it more accessible and inclusive. The necessity for years of experience with professional software is no longer a barrier, as text-to-image AI systems enable non-experts to visualize … Read more

Maker-Place: Co-Creating the City

Similar to a makerspace, a maker-place helps navigate, create with, and demystify the technologies of bureaucratic organization. Where community ideas can receive guidance to the process and get connected to the resources needed to make it happen. Designed as a hybrid digital + physical approach to support small projects outside of the traditional festival scope, connecting … Read more

Design with Nature – Ian McHarg

Design with Nature by Ian McHarg is a seminal book published in 1969 that revolutionized the field of landscape architecture and urban planning. The book argues that the natural environment should be the primary consideration in any design process, and that the best designs are those that work with, rather than against, nature. McHarg begins … Read more


Framework The CoP-CITIES is put forward to foster the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders, from ‘traditional’ ones to urban communities. In combination with top-down approach to urban policy, co-creation gives citizens, local officials, researchers and the private sector an equal say in the decision-making process. Fundamentally, the CoP-CITIES aims to be instrumental for … Read more

Slow the Flow

Vallcarca Cane Park Manifesto The Vallcarca Cane Park is an urban farm aimed towards reconnecting the diverse set of communities that make up its surrounding neighborhood. Located in an urban void north of the Ronda de Dalt, our structure is built using cane, a vernacular material, and traditional fabrication methods such as active bending. The … Read more


THE FUTURE OF HEURA’S WORKSPACE THE GOAL of this project is to envision the future of HEURA FOODS workspace, considering existing technologies and climate change scenarios and using Barcelona’s historical building as a site for intervention. HEURA FOODS was founded in 2017 by Marc and Bernan in a co-working office in the center of Barcelona. … Read more