Within the current global context of rapid change, integrated with the potentials of digital technologies, IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA) is committed to the generation of new ideas and applications for Urban Design, Self Sufficiency, Digital Manufacturing Techniques and Advanced Interaction.

In this context IAAC works with a multidisciplinary approach, facing the challenges posed by our environment and the future development of cities, architecture and buildings, through a virtuous combination of technology, biology, computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, pushing innovation beyond the boundaries of a more traditional architectural approach.


A Dammed Conundrum

How to activate uncertainty as a design-tool? Credits Characters Maya- Architect Charlett- Daughter of Architect Alex- Engineer Oliver- Worker It is autumn in Sandouping. The leaves, unsure of their directions float on the edges of a large lake. The lake is shadowed by the construction work of a dam on one of its edges. On … Read more


What modes of activism does the Anthropocene unleash? ABSTRACT “Activism takes various forms: from Guendalina’s digital activism to Gail’s passionate protests, Stephen’s data-driven focus, and Patricia’s philosophical reflection. Each approach offers unique perspectives in the fight for social and environmental change.” CHARACTERS ??????? ?? ?[Philosopher] – Patricia??????????????[Influencer] – Guendalina???????????[Scientist] – Dr.Stephen Numb ???????????[Local] – José … Read more

Cloud Caravan

How to conceive the notion of domesticity in a digital nomad environment? ACT 1 Heading West, in an AI-driven caravan, Marcella, and Paul, accompanied by Paul’s feline friend, Buttercup – are setting off on a cross country road trip via a newly released air bnb ‘on wheels’. The vehicle slows for Lisa to board, the … Read more

Colorful Parachutes

How to inhabit the ends of the world? ACT 1 After a fire in the Amazon Rainforest devastates a nearby town, a politician during his election campaign period travels to the site to show his support and comfort to those affected along with other prominent community members. POLITICIAN – Welcome everyone, I would like to … Read more