During the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture + Thesis Project (MAA02), students have the unique opportunity to work for a period of 1 year on an Individual Thesis Project, focused on the development of a research or pilot project based on the student’s interest, and the learnings of the first year. IAAC supports the student in selecting their Thesis Project topic in order to better orient them according to their future career interests and opportunities. Each student, according to their specific topic, is assigned one or more Thesis Advisors that follow the development of the work throughout the year.

In parallel to the development of the Individual Thesis Project, the second year of the MAA02 offers a series of seminars enhancing the theoretical, practical and computational skills of the students.

The beginning of an end

How to inhabit the ends of the world? Abstract The end of the world does not take place once but rather over and over again in numerous manners over the period of time that the universe has existed in the chaotic cosmos. These ends of the world are more often than not categorised as mass … Read more


How Artificial Intelligence Is Reformulating The Notion Of Authorship In Architecture? Also published here: https://readymag.com/u3829384181/4130564/ Abstract Cosmic Dust Laboratory (CDL) is an experimental startup where humans and Artificial Intelligence Systems work together to come up with new architectural solutions for Extreme Climates and Conditions in Monegros Desert. An eloquent sponsor named Hannah goes to CDL … Read more


Who domesticated? the planet? Us or the food? keywords: domesticated, territorialization, ownership/accountability, ethics of food production, complacency in supporting cruelty, conscience Abstract As the world population increases and the environment changes, one issue that is felt throughout the world is access to food. In many countries, there are examples of mass production, in both the … Read more

Rise of the Cyborg

How do we define the human self in an age of blurry borderline between organism and machine? ABSTRACT A cyborg is an organism with both biological and technological components. Individuals can enhance their organisms, which include improved senses, abilities or implants of their limbs, and communication over great distances. In the past, the concept of … Read more