During the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture + Thesis Project (MAA02), students have the unique opportunity to work for a period of 1 year on an Individual Thesis Project, focused on the development of a research or pilot project based on the student’s interest, and the learnings of the first year. IAAC supports the student in selecting their Thesis Project topic in order to better orient them according to their future career interests and opportunities. Each student, according to their specific topic, is assigned one or more Thesis Advisors that follow the development of the work throughout the year.

In parallel to the development of the Individual Thesis Project, the second year of the MAA02 offers a series of seminars enhancing the theoretical, practical and computational skills of the students.

Algorithmic Management

Information flow between people involved in architectural project 00.Problem In today’s rapidly changing world, architecture is undergoing a significant evolution, driven by the convergence of technology advancements and changing societal needs. However, its management has remained traditional. One of the crucial problems in this system is outdated way of information circulation both in architectural office and … Read more