During the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture + Thesis Project (MAA02), students have the unique opportunity to work for a period of 1 year on an Individual Thesis Project, focused on the development of a research or pilot project based on the student’s interest, and the learnings of the first year. IAAC supports the student in selecting their Thesis Project topic in order to better orient them according to their future career interests and opportunities. Each student, according to their specific topic, is assigned one or more Thesis Advisors that follow the development of the work throughout the year.

In parallel to the development of the Individual Thesis Project, the second year of the MAA02 offers a series of seminars enhancing the theoretical, practical and computational skills of the students.


Multi-material Additive Manufacturing solutions. CONTEXT The synergy between clay additive manufacturing and computational design has revolutionized construction, bridging the gap between project design and production. This integration has established a direct-design-build system, facilitating seamless translation of intricate designs into physical structures with precision and speed. This transformative approach enables complex geometries, customization, and cost-effective sustainability … Read more


Copilot Through Your Nightmares BUILDCODE is designed to streamline the work of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals by providing easy access to building codes and regulations. Do you remember yourself working with building codes last time? It was a nightmare, right? Especially when u work with international projects, which use their native languages.  And … Read more

Omni Corp

Omni Corp is a project where we ideate to create a universal software where it aims to reduce the number of softwares needed to perform all the different tasks in the construction and design domain. Market Study


Data-driven designers want to consider wind flow in their design process but resort to simulating end-stage designs with free but time-consuming tools or delegate it to experts. While expensive software offers relatively faster results, the cost doesn’t justify the number of simulations. Those mindful of expenses are always willing to sacrifice accuracy during the design … Read more

Chasing Identity

Chasing Identity is a Generative Adversarial Network driven platform for finding variations of the architecture in the historical city center. I am from the Republic of Tatarstan, which is situated in the center part of Russia. Initially the idea of the project was born from anger and from working for the government. Kazan city has … Read more