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Wildlife Museum

life Through a morphological analysis, the site vividly portrayed its lines, structure and life giving me a clear direction of how i can delicately land on it with a sustainable life museum. The existing context made me aware that the structure should occupy a minimal area on ground level in order to preserve exisiting natural … Read more

From Roots to Branches and Leaves

The name of the project is “from root to leaves and breanch”. The main concept is based on the idea to create a higth walkaway museum that have an internal space and an external part  where you can observe the nature from an higher point of view compared to the normal view. To give at … Read more

Environmental and Structural Design – Studio

Introduction [ Cooling Paradise is the theme of the project which is located at outskirts of Manila, Philippines.] [The Design Concept derives from local context: climate, culture, and vernacular habitats.] [ Form Finding and Structure Optimization take advantages of digital technologies. It is a data driving process.] Climate Analysis Form Finding & Structure Optimization Glazing … Read more

Digital Tools for Environmental Analysis

Site & Location This project is in San Francisco, California which is located on the west coast of the United States of America. The site is in downtown area on the north-west part of the city surrounded by high-rise buildings. Climate Summary San Francisco has mild temperate climate with the temperature typically in between 5 … Read more


Synergism is the interaction and cooperation of two or more organizations, agents, or groups of people to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their own. After analyzing how the city of Damascus has evolved over time, we saw how the city started slowly growing away from the Eastern inhabitable agricultural lands closer … Read more

Digital tools for Environmental Analysis

The project is located in Shanghai, China. The first is the basic climate analysis of Shanghai. The warmest month in Shanghai are 06,07,08, the coldest three months are 12,01,02. According to the UTCI comfort analysis, the outdoor environment is relatively uncomfortable in summer and winter. According to the analysis of the wind environment, wind direction … Read more

A Reflection on Tools for Environmental Analysis

The aim of this blogpost is to summarize the tasks and tools practiced during the course of the S1 Seminar: Digital Tools for Environmental Analysis and reflect on the overall learnings, advantages and disadvantages of each. During the course of the semester, I have explore tools for analysis and optimization of elements related to sun, … Read more

Bruges, Belgium (Environmental Analysis)

Environmental Analysis should be performed on every project, although that has not been the case. Previously, it was only the largest architecture and engineering firms that could afford to have staff specialize in utilizing the manual and complex software for energy modeling and climate analysis. With the advent of Ladybug Tools more and more designers, … Read more

Program And Ranging Aggregations

Used in this project: Main: Rhino3D, Grasshopper3D, Grasshopper Plugins: Wasp, Elk, Ladybug3D Context: OpenStreetMaps / GeofabrikMaps:, strava heatmaps, Urban3, Connect Dallas (2021), 2011 Dallas Bike Plan, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) aei.orgState of the Art Precedents: Block’hood by Jose Sanchez, Habitat 67′ by Moshe Safdie, VM by BIG + JDS Introduction Our project is located … Read more

The Growth of Dead Cell

Wild Life Museum Concept According to Egyptian mythology, at the beginning of all things, there was only a vast primordial ocean personified by the goddess Noun in which was reflected the original Darkness, a sky of shadow and emptiness that has been present since time immemorial. As a result of many frictions generated by repeated … Read more

RE:EDU: architecture for emergency

As a target country for  our project we selected Ukraine, the biggest European country that is located in the eastern part. Ukraine has 1000 years of history, during which it has been fighting for freedom and identity. In 2013 in Kyiv students started the protest, which evolved into the revolution of dignity, after the president … Read more

Climate Canopy

A new mobility hub for Green square station, Sydney, Australia Climate Canopy is a project about improving the qualities of Green Square station in Sydney, Australia. The Climate Canopy is an open-air timber grid shell creates an urban landmark by framing a new entrance to the station, without interfering with movement and wayfinding. The canopy … Read more


SITE ANALYSIS l TRIPOLI Known as the capital of the North, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city: from a regional trade capital for the past centuries, the city is nowadays the most impoverished of Lebanon and on the Mediterranean. The city has been scared by the violent clashes and conflict over the past 40 years … Read more

The Loop

ABSTRACT Mabalacat is a linear city along the road leading to Manila. Currently, the city lacks communal public spaces such as parks. As an alternative, the general public tend to spend time in large malls, which, by design, are intended for large masses and do not foster a sense of community. The project objective is … Read more

Environmental Responsive School

Introduction  As my final submission, I decided to create an environmental school in response to the urban environment. A project that harnesses the mass of the building in a way to enhance spaces for a variety of purposes is the idea behind the design.  As a starting point for architectural massing, very basic elements are … Read more


LOCATION: POZZUOLI, NAPLES, ITALY PROJECT SUBJECT: WILDLIFE MUSEUM Pozzuoli is a city and commune of the Metropolitan City of Naples, in the Italian region of Campania. It is the main city of the Phlegrean Peninsula. CONCEPT DESIGN The whole concept design is inspired by the Snake and its skin that applied to the facade of … Read more

Digital Tools for Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis of Residential Building in Vancouver, Canada Site Location: White Spot Restaurant in Georgia Street, Vancouver Preliminary Concept Climate analysis via Ladybug and other plug-ins in Grasshopper. DAYLIGHT ANALYSIS To create a Daylight Analysis we can use different plug-ins in Grasshopper but one of the plug-ins that we can use is called Ladybug. We … Read more

A Test Model for Environmental Design

Introduction Professor Ivan Sutherland at the University of Utah supervised several doctoral students in the 1970’s and 1980’s who later created many of the biggest leaps in computer graphics. These include Ed Catmull who founded Pixar and developed Catmull-Clark Subdivision, Alan Kay who worked on the first graphical user interfaces and the first laptop, Jim … Read more

Urban Envelope

The project’s land plot is located in a dense high-rise populated area in Vancouver, Canada. Thus, an idea for an urban vertical park emerges from the limitation of space and the parallel increased need for vegetation. Initially the climate analysis for Vancouver Canada commenced with an in depth identification of the coldest and warmest months … Read more

Working with climatic data

This presentation is related to which kind of instruments we learned and how to use it during a project. The project that I am analayzing is located in Belfast, north Ireland. The environmental analysis show us that the city have an oceanic climate. With mild winters, cool summers. and the rains and the cover sky … Read more

Re- Earth Station Studio

Site Location: Xochimilco, Mexico Xochimilco is a borough of Mexico City. The borough is centered on the formerly independent city of Xochimilco,  which was established on what was the southern shore of Lake Xochimilco in the pre-colonial period. Today, the borough consists of the 18 barrios, or neighborhoods, of this city along with 14 pueblos, … Read more