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ANNA, the avatar

Embracing artistic collaboration, Eugenia and Littieri created Anna, an AI Avatar. Images, text, sound, and voice converged, augmented by Melobites’ melodies. Albert Einstein’s voice was revived, while voice mod technology transformed singers’ voices. The harmonious fusion of art and technology captivated audiences. This project showcased the limitless potential of collaboration between human creativity and AI, … Read more

Consciousness in AI

What is Consciousness? Consciousness refers to the state of being aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings.  It is the subjective experience of being aware and conscious of the world, oneself, and the mental processes occurring within oneself. Consciousness involves a range of cognitive abilities and experiences, including perception, attention, self-awareness, reasoning, memory, … Read more

Broken Telephone

Consciousness Information Shift, Through an AI Chain This concept of sequences explores the intersection of consciousness, artificial intelligence, and the transformation and communication of artistic expressions. Drawing inspiration from the children’s game “broken telephone,” this investigation involves a sequence of artificial intelligence algorithms attempting to interpret and translate various forms of artistic media, thereby assessing … Read more