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Generative Urban Farming

The experiment parts from a self organizing model that iterates based in the incident sun hours, to later be evaluated in 2 methods: DCGAN’s and PIX2PIX. Problem Statement: The objective is to utilize urban farming strategically in central Budapest to enhance the affordability of student life. The key questions revolve around the potential yield, geometric … Read more

Greening Vienna

Today we have a challenge to reduce our waste. As we know construction is responsible for one third of all waste that is produced annually. That is why it is important to look into reusing the buildings instead of demolishing. The process of giving new life to existing buildings is called «adaptive reuse For this … Read more

Wildlife Museum

life Through a morphological analysis, the site vividly portrayed its lines, structure and life giving me a clear direction of how i can delicately land on it with a sustainable life museum. The existing context made me aware that the structure should occupy a minimal area on ground level in order to preserve exisiting natural … Read more

Foot.print (finder)

Foot.print(finder) is an accessible webtool for life cycle assessment of facades materials. . . Five different materials to test: . . . . Calculations behind the tool: The data used in the analysis comes from Bombyx, an experimental tool designed by the ETH and based on the Switzerland database. Link: Bombyx-ETH/Bombyx2: Parametric tool for calculating … Read more


Design a temporary school for emergencies with few clicks! RE:EDU for Re – Education. The idea of this project is to create a web platform for non-profit associations and municipalities to design an easy to assembly and low cost school structure. Several events, especially in this past year, have left children without a school’s infrastructure, … Read more


The Metaverse 2.0 for an environmentally conscious design If environmental consequences could be quickly computed by AI and reflected in an immersive digital model environment, the AEC industry could change the way it delivers results and reduce its carbon footprint? The research proposal is to investigate the “Infoverse”, an enhanced Metaverse for designers, where they … Read more

A Reflection on Tools for Environmental Analysis

The aim of this blogpost is to summarize the tasks and tools practiced during the course of the S1 Seminar: Digital Tools for Environmental Analysis and reflect on the overall learnings, advantages and disadvantages of each. During the course of the semester, I have explore tools for analysis and optimization of elements related to sun, … Read more

RE:EDU: architecture for emergency

As a target country for  our project we selected Ukraine, the biggest European country that is located in the eastern part. Ukraine has 1000 years of history, during which it has been fighting for freedom and identity. In 2013 in Kyiv students started the protest, which evolved into the revolution of dignity, after the president … Read more

Climate Canopy

A new mobility hub for Green square station, Sydney, Australia Climate Canopy is a project about improving the qualities of Green Square station in Sydney, Australia. The Climate Canopy is an open-air timber grid shell creates an urban landmark by framing a new entrance to the station, without interfering with movement and wayfinding. The canopy … Read more

Environmental Responsive School

Introduction  As my final submission, I decided to create an environmental school in response to the urban environment. A project that harnesses the mass of the building in a way to enhance spaces for a variety of purposes is the idea behind the design.  As a starting point for architectural massing, very basic elements are … Read more

A Test Model for Environmental Design

Introduction Professor Ivan Sutherland at the University of Utah supervised several doctoral students in the 1970’s and 1980’s who later created many of the biggest leaps in computer graphics. These include Ed Catmull who founded Pixar and developed Catmull-Clark Subdivision, Alan Kay who worked on the first graphical user interfaces and the first laptop, Jim … Read more


During a time when the extinction of wildlife is increasing exponentially, this museum aims to raise awareness bout the impact that humans have on the biosphere. The museum starts at a nucleus where the main gallery lies, converges to a narrow strip that guides the visitor along the strip of water, and finally branches out … Read more

Material Ecology

Introduction Neri Oxman has described Material Ecology as being at the intersection of Computation Design, Additive Manufacturing, Materials Engineering and Synthetic Biology.  It is more than simple biomimicry as the process is collaborative in nature. Her lab focuses on the symbiosis of microorganisms, our bodies, our products and even our buildings. In order to better … Read more


WILDLIFE MUSEUM FOR AGNANO CRATOR, NAPLES, ITALY This new wildlife museum has a main purpose to raise awareness about wild animal species extinction. The site is inside the picturesque Agnano crater in Naples, Italy. The crater mostly forest with a lake at the base and is used today as a place of recreation and hiking. … Read more

Twisting into Shape

What do you get if you combine an umbrella with a funnel? A Fumbrella of course! Combining the idea of using an umbrella coupled with a water collecting funnel to create a Fumbrella. This new urban infrastructure is parametric in that it opens and closes according to both solar radiation and rainfall. It is well … Read more


LOCATION : BENGALURU, INDIAKOPPEAN CLIMATE : Aw (TROPICAL WET & DRY CLIMATE) CLIMATE ANALYSIS Bengaluru has become hotter than it used to be 2 decades ago. Now we see temperature reaching above 40*c. The temperature starts getting hotter from March and reaches its peak in mid April and once the SW monsoon hits the coast … Read more

ACESD Theory

Topic : Heat & Light [Course Guest presenter: Mehmoush Latifi, ‘Heat/Light’] A school building in Damascus – Lycee Charles de Gaulle triggers my in interests in the subject of Solar Chimney, and further links to the Theory Topic of ‘Heat and Light’ Case Study : Lycee Charles de Gaulle Damascus Introductions The Lycée Français Charles … Read more